JBL with specialty fertilizers for successful aquascapers and those who want to be

Normally aquarists are pleased if their nitrate and phosphate levels are low. Only the aquascaper attempts to supplement the “normal” fertilizer with fertilizer components, either individually or in the form of a NPK fertilizer. This is because of the low fish stock.

The JBL ProScape concept gives the prospective aquascaper the opportunity, to reach a perfect plant growth with the new JBL ProScape NPK, additional Fe +Microelements and a separate magnesium fertilizer, or – for the professional aquascaper - to dose each element individually.

JBL is the first and only manufacturer to supply the respective potassium and magnesium tests (freshwater), to be able to respond to the needs of the most demanding plants. A JBL ProScape Testlab completes the ProScape range, which helps aquarists to rise to the next level.

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