Informe-se sobre as novidades atuais da JBL na área dos aquários!

Leia os mais recentes comunicados de imprensa relativos às inovações no campo dos aquários e veja as respetivas imagens. Nos videoclips mostramos-lhe como funcionam as novidades na área dos aquários e como são utilizadas.

JBL CristalProfi 100 % improved


They all can filter water, but what about cleaning? With external filters the pre-filters are decisive because they prevent the filter materials beneath from clogging and ensure less work by prolonging their service ...

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The New JBL NovoLotl


The JBL development department has a very special gift for your axolotl, an increasingly popular, docile and sweet amphibian. It’s a completely new food, manufactured on one of the most modern extruders ...

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Enforced fasting is the best solution


Withdrawing food is the best way to combat algae! A good silicate eliminator quickly, reliably and easily prevents those unsightly brown coatings which often cover the substrate, stones, wood and even plants in the ...

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