Informe-se sobre as novidades atuais da JBL na área dos aquários!

Leia os mais recentes comunicados de imprensa relativos às inovações no campo dos aquários e veja as respetivas imagens. Nos videoclips mostramos-lhe como funcionam as novidades na área dos aquários e como são utilizadas.

A Doubled-Ended Trap For Planaria


Planaria (flatworms) can be a problem in a lot of aquariums because they reproduce excessively. They can be the downfall of fish eggs, juvenile fish and invertebrates. JBL has a chemical-free solution for planaria ...

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New Video Demonstrates Advantages of the New JBL CristalProfi e 02 Series


You can now watch a short film to find out how the new 02 series differs from the previous JBL external filter series. The advantage of the redesigned filter baskets is clearly visible and the contrast to the previous filter ...

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JBL CristalProfi 100 % improved


They all can filter water, but what about cleaning? With external filters the pre-filters are decisive because they prevent the filter materials beneath from clogging and ensure less work by prolonging their service ...

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