JBL NobilFluid Artemia
Rearing diet for fry of egg-laying aquarium fish species

  • Complete nutrition: liquid rearing diet for fry of egg-laying aquarium fish. Ultra-fine homogenate of over 50 natural ingredients
  • Nutritious, easy to digest and ideal growth thanks to brine shrimp components. Ideal feeding conditions for young fish which are too small for powder food
  • Sem turvação da água: redução do crescimento de algas através de teor de fosfato ajustado, melhor qualidade da água devido a uma melhor digestibilidade do alimento que conduz a uma redução das excreções dos peixes
  • Fish would choose JBL food: 98.5% of all fish species immediately ate the JBL food during our freshwater research expeditions. 50 ultra-fine natural nutrients processed to liquid
  • Package contents: NovoNobilFluid with Artemia, rearing diet for fry of egg-laying aquarium fish species
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Fish love a varied diet
An unbalanced fish diet can lead In the long term to deficiency symptoms, diseases and fatty degeneration of organs.
Provide your aquarium dwellers with a varied died in the form of live food. When catching or purchasing live food there is a risk of introducing bacteria and parasites into the aquarium.

Producing your own live food has many advantages:
• Free of parasites
• Rich in fibre & healthy
• Not just a „pool“ anymore
• Promotes the hunting instinct of the fish
• Increases readiness of spawning
• Easy, quick and convenient
• Affordable alternative compared to frozen food

It’s fun to do it yourself:
- Add salt to the water
- Add Artemia eggs to the saltwater
– wait until the crustaceans have hatched
- Strain the crustaceans into a sieve
– Ready for feeding

If you don’t use your brine shrimps at once as feeder animals, they have to be supplied with nutrition. JBL ArtemioFluid has been developed for this purpose.


JBL NobilFluid Artemia 50 ml

Art. N°.:
Número EAN:
54 g
50 ml
Volume embalagem:
0.240 l
Peso ilíquido:
72.000 g
Peso líquido:
54 g
Conversão de peso:
Dimensões (c/a/l):
47/110/47 mm
Componentes analíticos
Vitaminas, provitaminas e outras substâncias quimicamente definidas com efeito semelhante (por 1000 g)
Vitamina A 10000 I. E.
Vitamina B₁ 40 mg
Vitamina B₂ 100 mg
Vitamina B₆ 40 mg
Vitamina B₁₂ 500 mcg
Vitamina C (estável) 600 mg
Vitamina D₃ 900 I. E.
Vitamina E 35 mg
Biotina 500 mcg
K₃ 10 mg
Ácido fólico 2 mg
Nicotinamida 400 mg
Pantotenato de cálcio 400 mg
Cloreto de colina 400 mg
How long does the food keep after opening?

Please ensure you buy a packaging size suitable for your aquarium/terrarium/pond so that the quantity contained is used up within 4 months. Compare it with a tin of biscuits lying around for several months. When properly stored they are not necessarily soggy, but they are not quite as tasty as when the packet was opened. Therefore it is not advisable to use the food after this time.

The repeated opening and closing of the packaging brings the food into contact with bacteria and humidity over a longer storage period. Thus the quality of the premium food reduces continuously and this influences the vitamin content and the freshness of the food. For the benefit of your animals you always should feed them fresh food.

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Alimentação de peixes

As exigências alimentares dos peixes variam tanto quanto aquelas de cães e hamsters. Encontre aqui informações abrangentes sobre o importante capítulo da alimentação de peixes de aquário.

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