Adhesive for background pictures in aquariums and terrariums

  • Perfect hold without bubbles: non-toxic adhesive for glossy plastic foil backgrounds for aquariums and terrariums
  • Complete transparency: no annoying reflections caused by air gaps or unwanted bubbles. As a result the foil backgrounds appear more vivid (3D effect)
  • To use: apply adhesive to the outside of the aquarium/terrarium rear pane, position the foil on the outside on rear pane, smooth gently with a scraper
  • Not suitable for: foil backgrounds with a matt surface, backgrounds in 3D look, paper foil backgrounds
  • Package contents: 1 bottle adhesive Fixol 61210, 50 ml. Incl. scraper
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Informações sobre o produto

Species-appropriate environment
Fish need more than plants and caves to feel at home. One way to provide protection is to use a suitable background, which indicates a safe zone in the aquarium. A background is not only welcome for the fish but it is also helpful for hiding unattractive technical items. Give your aquarium more flair and offer your aquarium dwellers a species-appropriate environment.

Cut the foil background all around one cm smaller than the aquarium or terrarium background. Lay the aquarium/terrarium with the front pane on a stable enough surface. Apply an external cap of JBL Fixol on about the middle of the back glass. Lay pre-cut foil background on top and smooth it with the enclosed spatula from the centre outwards, avoiding bubbles. Wipe off excessive glue with a cloth or tissue paper. Fix background foil all around with transparent adhesive tape. Can be removed with clear water at any time.



Art. N°.:
Número EAN:
50 ml
Para :
2,0x0,8 m
Volume embalagem:
0.800 l
Peso ilíquido:
94.000 g
Peso líquido:
65 g
Conversão de peso:
Dimensões (c/a/l):
160/35/135 mm
How much Fixol do I need for my aquarium?

A cap contains 2.5 ml and is sufficient for about 0.6 m2. The entire content is sufficient for 20 x 0.6 m2 = 12 m2.

In the description it states that I should use a cap of the product as a measuring unit. But there is no cap on the product.

"Cap" refers to the screw-on cap. Place the glue in the middle and then scrape off to the outside.

Does JBL Fixol dissolve the colour of the foil on the rear panel?

If the colour print comes off, it is very unlikely to be due to Fixol, as it does not contain any solvents.

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