JBL TerraCrick
Complete food for feeder insects

  • Improves the nutritional value of feeder insects for terrarium animals: wholesome complete food for crickets and other feeder insects
  • Easy to use: offer TerraCrick 24 hours before feeding the insects to your terrarium animals.
  • Valuable ingredients (minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins) to fill the digestive tract
  • Terrarium animals choose JBL food: high-quality ingredients, feed formulation created by practical research, no processing of cheap fishmeal
  • Contents: complete food for feeder insects, TerraCrick. Can be stored for 3 years unopened, use within 3 months after opening
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Informações sobre o produto

Especially for the requirements of reptiles and terrarium animals
If wrongly kept, living feeder animals can lose their optimal nutritional value. With JBL TerraCrick you improve the nutritional value of the feeder animals and thus optimise the feeding of your terrarium animals.

Valuable ingredients
The feeder insects for terrarium animals originate mostly from breeding stock and empty their digestive tract completely in transport. JBL TerraCrick replenishes their digestive tract and supplies it with valuable ingredients, such as minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins.

Feeding recommendations
Offer the feeder insects TerraCrick and a flat bowl with water 24 hours before feeding them to your terrarium animals.


JBL TerraCrick 100 ml

N.º de artigo:
Número EAN:
60 g
100 ml
Volume embalagem:
0.210 l
Peso ilíquido:
77.400 g
Peso líquido:
60 g
Conversão de peso:
Dimensões (c/a/l):
50/85/50 mm
Componentes analíticos
E 306 (extratos naturais de vitamina E)
Vitaminas, provitaminas e outras substâncias quimicamente definidas com efeito semelhante (por 1000 g)
Vitamina A 28000 I. E.
Vitamina D₃ 3000 I. E.
Vitamina E 400 mg
Vitamina C (estável) 400 mg
How long does the food keep after opening?

Please ensure you buy a packaging size suitable for your aquarium/terrarium/pond so that the quantity contained is used up within 4 months. Compare it with a tin of biscuits lying around for several months. When properly stored they are not necessarily soggy, but they are not quite as tasty as when the packet was opened. Therefore it is not advisable to use the food after this time.

The repeated opening and closing of the packaging brings the food into contact with bacteria and humidity over a longer storage period. Thus the quality of the premium food reduces continuously and this influences the vitamin content and the freshness of the food. For the benefit of your animals you always should feed them fresh food.

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