JBL FuraPond
Remedy to treat internal & external bacterial diseases

  • Remedy with the very effective active substance Nifurpirinol, which is an antibiotic, to treat all kinds of bacterial diseases
  • Treats ulcers, fin rot, popeye and dropsy, which often occur in spring, fast and reliably in the early stages
  • Effective against bacteria of the genera Aeromonas, Pseudomonas, Columnaris, Flexibacter and others
  • Very well tolerated, even for crayfish. Is quickly absorbed through the gills
  • Package contents: remedy in tablet form 10070 for freshwater and marine fish. Use: 1 tablet for 125 l water. Whole package serves for 3000 l. Just put the tablet into the aquarium water to dissolve.
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Informações sobre o produto

Healthy fish –healthy pond
Humans are not the only ones to have a comfort zone, fish can feel discomfort too! Transport often triggers stress in fish. Bad water values in the pond can be the reason for bacteria, fungi and parasites.

Remedies actively combat the pathogens and lower the risk of infection. They reduce stress hormones, protect the mucous membranes, disinfect injuries and kill off bacteria, fungi and parasites. Visit the JBL Online Hospital and find out what is ailing your pond dwellers. Having considered the various factors JBL suggests the best treatment.

The correct use of remedies:
- Correct determination of the pond volume (JBL pond volume calculator on www.jbl.de)
- Remove activated carbon from the filter
- Switch-off of the UVC devices
- Follow the package insert when using the remedy
- Create good aeration using a diaphragm pump
- Use additional vitamins to strengthen the resistance (for example Atvitol and and mucous membrane protection JBL AccliPond)
- Disinfect catch nets, fish catching boxes, pond heaters and other technical devices


JBL FuraPond

Art. N°.:
Número EAN:
24 Past.
4200 l
Volume embalagem:
0.370 l
Peso ilíquido:
234.000 g
Peso líquido:
121 g
Conversão de peso:
Dimensões (c/a/l):
17/243/80 mm
Can my sturgeons stay in the pond during the treatment?

Your sturgeons can also be affected by the disease and need to be treated. They also have to be considered as “ornamental fish” (wording used in the instructions). If there is no separate warning information about fish species mentioned in the instructions, there are no concerns about the use and dosage of this product.

JBL FuraPond 2: How long must the filter systems stay turned off after use ?

The filter should stay turned off until the end of the treatment. According to the instructions, that is 5 days for one-time treatment.



JBL’s GMP certification has been extended.

GMP sounds boring but it is one of the most important and most complicated certifications in our industry! Without GMP certification the manufacturing of over-the-counter medications for aquarium and pond fish would be ...

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Hospital online

Do you have ill fish and you don’t know what disease it is and how to treat it? Here you can diagnose diseases using photos or identification keys and you can find out where they come from and how to treat them. By showing you over 500 photos to identify and cure fish diseases, we enable you to find a diagnosis and solution.
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In case your pond fish fall ill, we will show you which disease it is, and how to combat it reliably here.

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