JBL UniBloc CristalProfi i40/TekAir azul, grosso
Replacement foam cartridge for aquarium filters Cristal Profi i40 and TekAir

  • Clear and healthy water: replacement foam cartridge for aquarium filters CristalProfi i40 and TekAir - round cross section with T-profile
  • Use: add FilterStart. Usable for TekAir and CristalProfi i 40.
  • Foam with ideal service life thanks to 25 ppi pores, effective mechanical and biological filtering.
  • No release of harmful substances: 100% water neutral synthetic material
  • Package contents: 1 replacement foam cartridge
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Informações sobre o produto

Água limpa e saudável
Os restos de plantas, alimentos e produtos metabólicos pioram a qualidade da água do aquário. A boa qualidade da água é necessária para favorecer a saúde dos peixes e das plantas no aquário. Esta pode ser conseguida através de diversos filtros e diferentes materiais filtrantes. Os filtros aspiram a água do aquário e extraem a sujidade e os resíduos da água através do material filtrante.


JBL UniBloc CristalProfi i40/TekAir azul, grosso

Art. N°.:
Número EAN:
1 Unidade
Para CPi:
Volume embalagem:
0.800 l
Peso ilíquido:
10.000 g
Peso líquido:
10 g
Conversão de peso:
Dimensões (c/a/l):
85/110/85 mm

Dados técnicos

I have green water in my aquarium, and even water changes and changing the filter media only helps for a short time.

Green water means floating algae, which grow when they have no competition from other plants and, even more, when the excrement of the fish creates excessive nutrient pollution in the water. The filter will not be able to do much about this. Ultimately, there are only two possibilities:

1. Carry out significantly more water changes in order to remove the nutrients caused by fish excrement.

2. A JBL AquaCristal UVC clarifier kills off the floating algae.

A temporary measure is to switch off the light for 2-3 days in order to stop photosynthesis in the algae.

Blogue - Opiniões e experiências


Outline: Fertilisation in the Aquarium

The JBL plant care concept leads to vigorous and healthy growth even with the most demanding aquatic plants. JBL has all the components you need, whether it’s a fertiliser, a bottom substrate or a fully automatic CO2 fertiliser system.

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Which is the Best Filter Media?

Special filter media can also be used to target and remove any problem substances, such as nitrate or phosphate, from the aquarium water. This table gives you an outline:

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Keeping an eye on the most important water values

Professional water analysis sounds very expensive. But the professional water testing in your aquarium or pond at home also works on a high level and above all it is simple and inexpensive.

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