JBL TerraControl Solar
Solar-powered thermometer and hygrometer for all terrariums

  • Swivelling, digital thermometer and hygrometer for checking temperature and relative humidity conveniently in terrariums, power supplied by solar cell and buffer battery
  • Large temperature and humidity measuring range: -30 to +50 °C, humidity range: 20 to 99 % relative humidity
  • High precision: temperature +/- 1 °C (from 0 to +30 °C), other measuring range +/- 3 °C, humidity +/- 5 %
  • Convenient to mount: double-sided adhesive tape, fix mounting plate left or right.
  • Package contents: solar-powered thermometer and hygrometer, Terra Control Solar, incl. buffer battery and double-sided adhesive tape.
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Easy monitoring
Depending on the origin and species the terrarium animals need specific humidity and temperature conditions for an ideal keeping. These can easily be checked with Terra Control Solar.

Terra Control Solar
The Terra Control Solar, a digital thermometer and hygrometer, ensures a convenient checking of temperature and relative humidity in the terrarium. The power is supplied by a solar cell. A buffer battery ensures the display is visible after the light is switched off.

Convenient to mount
Terra Control Solar can easily be fixed with a double sided adhesive tape at the desired place. The mounting plate can be fixed on the left or right side of the thermometer/hygrometer, as required. Tip: because warm air rises, the use of 2 devices is recommended; one device at the bottom and the other one in the upper area.

Large temperature and humidity measuring range
Temperature range: -30 to +50 °C. Humidity range: 20 to 99 % relative humidity – HIGH PRECISION – From 0 to + 30 °C: +/- 1 °C Other temperature range: +/- 3 ° humidity: +/- 5 %


JBL TerraControl Solar

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95 mm
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0.730 l
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62.000 g
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42 g
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Dimensões (c/a/l):
28/217/120 mm
The JBL TerraControl Solar doesn’t stay fixed on the terrarium pane. What can I do?

Clean the pane before attaching the adhesive tape. If the adhesive tape or the Velcro strip continues to detach itself, please contact JBL directly using our support form.

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JBL Research: Research results

Since 2001 JBL has been undertaking its own research expeditions to the original homes of our terrarium dwellers. With the help of measuring instruments all biotope data is logged and measurement errors are eliminated by the multiple measurements of theexpedition members.

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Lighting in the Terrarium

As cold-blooded animals, terrarium animals are far more de pendent on light, i.e. the quality and intensity of light, than warm-blooded vertebrates. Activity, feeding, digestion or resting phases are influenced by the alternation of day and night, and especially by the intensity of light.

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Supply of water and moisture, water care

A side from light and heat, the drinking water supply, relative humidity and the right moisture of the substrate are very important for the animals’ well-being.

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The fascination of terrariums - Terrarium Manual

Terrarium-keeping has experienced an enormous boom in the past twenty years. In the midst of the increasing hustle and bustle of our world, an island of nature in their homes offers many people an opportunity to relax while watching their terrarium pets after a long day of work.

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From practical experience: the right substrate for breeding

Our pair of desert iguanas (Diplosauus dorsalis), Martha and Norman, are very much at home in the building that houses the JBL lab, and now we’ve found eggs in a hollow there.

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What is an Aqua-terrarium / Paludarium?

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The Rainforest Terrarium – Part 1

The rainforest terrarium is characterised by a high humidity of between 70 and 90 % and its relatively constant temperatures of between 25-30 °C, which only ever drop slightly, even at night.

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The Rainforest Terrarium – Part 1

The rainforest terrarium is characterised by a high humidity of between 70 and 90 % and its relatively constant temperatures of between 25-30 °C, which only ever drop slightly, even at night.

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The Desert Terrarium – Part 1

We associate heat and severe drought with the desert habitat. What catches our attention when we look closer at the reptiles’ habitats are the extreme temperature fluctuations.

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Light and heat for the terrarium

In the wild the sun not only provides light, it also provides essential heat and UVA and UVB radiation. Since terrarium animals are ectotherm, they are much more dependent on high-quality light than warm-blooded vertebrates are.

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Where do our terrarium animals come from, and why this is important.

In fact we could answer this question with “from all over the world”. After all many interesting terrarium animals also live in Europe. But most of them are protected species.

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Turtles and tortoises are among the most popular of all terrarium animals and are despite (or even because of) their slowness absolute favourites for children too! A few points need to be remembered when keeping turtles, so that the animals feel comfortable, stay healthy and maybe even reproduce. We will give you tips and hints for their care.

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Lighting is THE key to good terrarium keeping. Do your animals need only light, or do they need heat and UV? Here are the answers.

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