JBL TempReflect light
Reflector screen for energy-saving lamps

  • Doubles light 100%: high gloss reflector screen for terrariums.
  • Clip reflector to holder (JBL TempSet not included), screw in lamp, switch on – ready!
  • Increases depth of penetration and directs the essential UV-B light (with energy-efficient lamps emitting UV-B)
  • Not suitable for use with lamps that get very hot or with heat emitters.
  • Package contents: reflector screen for energy-saving lamps, TempReflect light.
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Informações sobre o produto

Modelled on nature
Terrarium animals are cold-blooded animals, which are strongly dependent on light, especially on the quality and intensity of the light. Activity, food intake, digestion or rest phases are influenced by the change of day and night and the intensity of light. Depending on the light source, there are differences in output and quality of the light. With metal-halide lamps you have exactly the right light for your terrarium and it is optimally adjustable too. Its angle can be freely adjusted up to 180°. The device is heat-resistant to 270°.

Ideal safety
The quality ballast is equipped with an automatic shut-off and an overheat protection.


JBL TempReflect light

N.º de artigo:
Número EAN:
30 W
Volume embalagem:
3.700 l
Peso ilíquido:
304.000 g
Peso líquido:
214 g
Conversão de peso:
Dimensões (c/a/l):
140/190/140 mm

Dados técnicos

Blogue - Opiniões e experiências


JBL Research: Research results

Since 2001 JBL has been undertaking its own research expeditions to the original homes of our terrarium dwellers. With the help of measuring instruments all biotope data is logged and measurement errors are eliminated by the multiple measurements of theexpedition members.

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The Right Ventilation For Your Terrarium

The need for fresh air and all other climatic factors vary significantly in accordance with their origin.

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Lighting in the Terrarium

As cold-blooded animals, terrarium animals are far more de pendent on light, i.e. the quality and intensity of light, than warm-blooded vertebrates. Activity, feeding, digestion or resting phases are influenced by the alternation of day and night, and especially by the intensity of light.

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Size and Shape of the Terrarium

Nowadays specialised pet shops offer a wide selection of terrariums which are usually made of silicone-sealed glass panes. They usually have sliding doors at the front.

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The Rainforest Terrarium – Part 2 - Lighting

Wenn die Gestaltung des Terrariums und die Auswahl der Tiere abgeschlossen sind, können Sie sich dem wichtigen Thema der Beleuchtung (kurz: Licht) widmen.

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The Desert Terrarium Part 2 - Lighting

The desert habitat involves both extreme heat and brightness. Unlike in the rain forest, there is nothing to stop the light reaching right down to the ground. The animals only have stones or scarce plants and woody growths to withdraw under.

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Mirror, mirror on the terrarium wall – who is ...

the brightest of them all? And the mirror answered: ”Fair lamp, you are the brightest one , but brighter than you is only the sun!” This is how the fairy tale could have run in Grimm’s terrarium. Because unfortunately no ...

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Instalação de um terrário

How do you set up a terrarium? The first question is of course which animals you want to keep and what sort of habitat these animals need.


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