Dispositivo de controlo controlável por aplicação para lâmpadas JBL LED SOLAR

  • Para o controlo da JBL LED SOLAR NATUR individualmente ou em combinação com a JBL LED SOLAR EFFECT. Controlar dados do biótopo, efeitos, trovoada, nascer e pôr do sol a partir do telemóvel
  • Operação simples: substituir o recetor IR existente pelo JBL LED CONTROL e controlar os efeitos desejados através da aplicação
  • 5 programas disponíveis + programa adicional para entradas manuais (biótopo América do Sul e África, plantas do paisagismo aquático, peixes-dourados, aquário comunitário, cada programa com aclimatação das plantas)
  • Os dados do biótopo incluem períodos secos e chuvosos, nebulosidade, trovoada, bem como o nascer e o pôr do sol
  • Incluído: dispositivo de controlo para integrar no sistema JBL LED SOLAR para 2 lâmpadas (1x Natur & 1x Effect), a aplicação necessária é sempre gratuita
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Informações sobre o produto

Com o comando remoto incluído na JBL LED SOLAR NATUR, tem a possibilidade de regular gradualmente a intensidade da luz e escolher entre três temperaturas de cor.
Assim que completar a sua JBL LED SOLAR NATUR (idealmente em combinação com a JBL LED SOLAR EFFECT) com o JBL LED SOLAR CONTROL, ser-lhe-ão oferecidas opções de controlo completamente novas:
Com a ajuda do JBL LED SOLAR CONTROL, pode carregar os dados do biótopo do Pantanal (sudoeste do Brasil) ou da região dos grandes lagos do leste africano (lago Malawi e Tanganica). Os seus LED irão então simular as situações climáticas locais, dependendo da estação do ano (incl. períodos secos e chuvosos, trovoada e nebulosidade).
Para um aquário de peixes-dourados, a iluminação irá enfatizar especialmente as cores bonitas. No caso de um aquário comunitário, é ajustada uma luz que mostra um dia tropical com 10 h de sol, a luz certa para plantas e cores fortes para os peixes. A trovoada e a nebulosidade são incorporadas através de um gerador aleatório. Para aficionados de aquários muito plantados (paisagismo aquático), existe um programa de iluminação que se assemelha ao programa para aquários comunitários, todavia com maior intensidade luminosa.
Em cada programa pode ser escolhido inicialmente o modo de aclimatização que facilita às suas plantas adaptarem-se, sem problemas, a uma luz muito mais clara dos LED, comparada à iluminação anterior com lâmpadas fluorescentes tubulares. Evidentemente, cada programa pode ser escolhido sem aclimatização.
Num modo manual, pode ajustar também situações de iluminação propriamente escolhidas.
Para todos os programas mencionados, estão disponíveis 2 tipos de lâmpadas LED: 1.) JBL LED SOLAR NATUR e 2.) JBL LED SOLAR EFFECT. Se operar apenas a JBL LED SOLAR NATUR sem a JBL LED SOLAR EFFECT com o JBL LED SOLAR CONTROL, pode aceder a todas as funções, como trovoada, nebulosidade e o nascer e pôr do sol, no entanto, sem os efeitos coloridos!



N.º de artigo:
Número EAN:
Para :
Para :
Volume embalagem:
2.100 l
Peso ilíquido:
266.800 g
Peso líquido:
114 g
Conversão de peso:
Dimensões embalagem (c/a/l):
55/173/223 mm

Dados técnicos

Altura:23 mm
Comprimento:100 mm
Largura:60 mm
Does the JBL LED SOLAR CONTROL automatically change between summer time and winter time?

The controller uses the time on the smartphone and has no integrated radio clock or time server, so the changeover is NOT automatic. After a time changeover, you only need to connect your smartphone briefly to the JBL LED SOLAR CONTROL once so that the controller can download the current time from your smartphone.

Why isn’t the app connecting to the controller?

As explained in another FAQ, the app requires location sharing to add a controller. Otherwise connection problems will occur. If you have already granted location sharing, the automatic network change to the stronger WLAN network in the vicinity or to mobile data use may be the cause. Check under “Settings” to see which network your smartphone is connected to (see pictures at the end of the FAQ).

Some smartphones automatically connect to another network or the mobile network if no active internet access is available.

Solution: If it looks similar to the screenshot above right with the red X, deactivate the automatic network switch in the WLAN settings (usually a cogwheel icon). Another solution is to connect the controller to your home network as described in the instructions.

Why does the Android App need permission to access your location?

Location sharing is only required for displaying the available networks and can be deactivated after adding the controller or connecting to the home network. Since the WiFi networks available in the vicinity make it possible to calculate one's own position (WLAN-based positioning), the user must be informed and agree to this in accordance with Google guidelines. The app does not retrieve GPS data.

Why doesn't the LED switch off immediately when used with the JBL SolarControl?

Whether for theme aquariums or in manual mode, whether for a lunch break or at sunrise or sunset, the LEDs always dim down slowly. This always provides your fish and plants with a natural light profile and also protects your LEDs and increases their lifetime.

Can I regulate two LED SOLAR NATUR or two LED SOLAR EFFECT with one controller unit?

No, this is not possible. The cable switch only offers space for one JBL LED SOLAR NATUR and one EFFECT.

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PAR measurements in the aquarium - The strength of the JBL LED SOLAR

The PAR value: During their evolution plants have adapted to the spectral components of sunlight and now use a range between 380 and 780 nm (blue to red) for photosynthesis. These are the wavelengths that chlorophyll and other pigments use to supply the plant with energy.

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JBL TV #8: Do the plants in your aquarium grow exactly as you want them to?

What makes for ideal plant growth? All the factors for good plant growth: light, LED, tubes, fertilisation, fertilisation quantity, fertilisation monitoring, influence of water conditioners, chelated iron.

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Video: JBL LED SOLAR aquarium lamps with ideal light for plants

Are you looking for the perfect, energy-saving LED lighting for your aquarium? With the JBL LED SOLAR NATUR you get modern LED lighting, which can be adjusted to 3 different colour temperatures by remote control (included).

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Misunderstandings – typical beginner mistakes

Based on our own experience in customer service and the many messages and questions we receive, we have put together the typical mistakes beginners may make. The experienced aquarist might well smile, but if they are honest, these are mistakes we all made at the start, aren’t they?

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Changeover To JBL LED - Conversion Table

You can see from the following table which LED light fits in your cover or can be used to replace your current T5 or T8 fluorescent tubes. In the first line you can also see the wattage each JBL LED light consumes and you can calculate the electricity savings compared to the wattage of your previous fluorescent lamp.

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Film: JBL LED SOLAR – Setup And Light Control

The following film demonstrates the functionality of the new SOLAR LED light. We show you how to install it and how to attach it as top assembly, or fit it to your current aquarium cover using long or short retrofit adapters for T5 and T8 tube sockets.

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Interzoo 2018 With JBL - Impressions & Emotions

The Interzoo 2018 is over. A lot of regular customers and an audience full of enthusiastic experts visited us at the large JBL booth to get information about our new products. You will find an outline with pictures and links here.

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New JBL Products At The Interzoo 2018 - Part 1

What’s new about LED? A lot! And that’s why we needed some time before we could launch this concept.

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Finally: The JBL LED control unit is here!

Yes, it took too long - a big apology from the JBL team to all dealers and to all aquarium and terrarium enthusiasts! There were hurdles such as the WiFi authorities and the complexity of implementing real climate data from South America and Africa. But now it’s done:

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Everyone’s thrilled with JBL LEDs

At 8 am on August 3, 2018 the first JBL LED lights left the JBL factory in Neuhofen and by August 5 the first pet shop shelves had them on display. For the first time aquarium enthusiasts were delaying their purchase to wait for a JBL product to be in stock.

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JBL Brings Out The Latest LED Technology

There was a bit of a wait, but now the JBL development department has managed it. Until now LED have been only employed in the technical sector and in the home. The light spectrum of aquatic plants, however, varies considerably from the spectrum in the home or LEDs torches. Here we are talking about

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Lively goldfish in the aquarium enhance any room perfectly! Invite some new flatmates into your home with this goldfish aquarium

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