Gestão da qualidade

Quality Management

To produce one good product relies on hard work. But to manufacture a whole series of good products requires a perfected production process and intensive quality control measures. The standards at JBL are very high: If a product has a complaint rate of more than 3 percent, the production is immediately stopped and the product withdrawn from sale. Then it is examined and, if necessary, a product recall will be initiated. A retention sample is kept from each batch produced, so that, in case a problem occurs, the batch can be checked.

For each raw material (for the production of JBL products) and each JBL product group there is a separate quality control. The raw material can only be used once it has been approved, and equally the product is only put on sale once it has received its own approval. Only thus can we be assured of our high quality for the long term. We engage external independent laboratories for a few products. Our products, and especially our food and medications, are documented, controlled and sampled from the receipt of raw materials right through to the despatch of the finished product.

JBL was one of only three manufacturers in Germany to receive GMP certification for the production of ornamental fish medications.