Bombas de ar

Here’s how you can get sufficient oxygen into your aquarium

Your aquarium water absorbs oxygen through the water surface. The more movement on the water surface the larger it becomes and the more oxygen your water can absorb. The aquatic plants also help, at least during the day, to increase the oxygen content of your water. But with lots of aquatic plants the situation can reverse at night because plants consume oxygen also at night. That, of course, is also the case with algae!

Air pumps will help you to increase the oxygen level in the water quickly and easily. This partly happens due to rising air bubbles but more so through water being moved at the surface.

When medications are being used the use of Bombas de ar is often recommended when medications are being used, as the oxygen demands of the fish increase during this time.

How does an air pump work?

Bombas de ar are constructed so that reciprocating movements of membranes with downstream valve build up air pressure. The air reaches an air stone or an air-driven filter in your aquarium through an air hose. To prevent a water backflow it is useful to integrate a check valve ( JBL ProSilent Safe ). The mounting direction is important here. It is indicated by a small arrow.

What air pumps are available for you?

Bombas de ar are available in various sizes and some have one or two air outlets which can be adjusted. If you want to connect an air pump with several air stones or other air-driven features, you need an air distributor ( JBL ProSilent Control ). You also can connect several air distributors with each other, but the pump performance needs to be high enough.

Aquatic plants and air pumps

If you want to supply your aquatic plants with carbon dioxide from a CO2 fertiliser system you should forego the air pump or just use it during the night. Plants also consume oxygen at night. That’s why oxygen deficiency can occur at night, when there are lots of plants in the aquarium. During the day your plants produce a lot of oxygen and your air pump would again expel quite a lot of CO2 through the movement on the water surface –a similar effect to shaking a bottle of cola, where CO2 also gets expelled.

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