JBL Workshop Vietnam 2013

In May 70 participants travelled to the Nha Trang region about 400 km north of Ho-Chi-Minh City. There were many snakes, amazing formations of stony corals and clear mountain rivers to thrill everyone. The only problems we encountered were official ones concerning the jungle camp.


    What do we think of when we think about Vietnam? Impenetrable jungles, Rambo films and the Vietnam War? But Vietnam is much more than that.

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    In search of reptiles and amphibians

    A lot of snakes, including poisonous ones, some lizards and plenty of frogs. We were thrilled!

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    At the jungle river

    The most dangerous things weren’t the poisonous snakes but the slippery stones you had to struggle your way over in the riverbed. It was worth the effort, though. We were rewarded with barbels, gobies and snakeheads.

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    Rare loaches in the Ba Ho Waterfalls

    Even though the waterfalls weren’t spectacularly high, rare fish species and shrimps of the family stenopodidae were to be found directly in the jungle of the Ba Ho Waterfalls underneath.

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    German food for Vietnamese animals

    It is incredibly exciting standing in front of the water with a JBL food can and watching, whether and which fish eat the food. We had never experienced a feeding frenzy like this before!

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    Diving, doing research and snorkelling in the South China Sea

    There are as good as no reports about diving and snorkelling in Vietnam. And we were very interested about the state of the reefs just off the coast line. Fortunately diving tourism is barely developed and so we could hope to find shy and rare species.

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    From the jungle to the desert it was just 20 metres

    It couldn’t be better. We had jungle, clear rivers and beautiful reefs. But we also had desert biotopes directly next to the jungle. There aren’t many places in the world you would find this!

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    It’s the results which turn the journey into a workshop. Water values, light, UV and current measurements provided some astonishing results at times.

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    results of the data logger re humidity and air temperature

    results of the data logger re humidity and air temperature.

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