80 % of All Pond Owners Wrongly Estimated Their Water Volume

On a daily basis the JBL service department receives questions and inquiries on pond problems which it gladly answers in a competent manner. Now the online pond laboratory where pond owners can get help for problems they encounter was also evaluated. An unbelievable 80% of all those seeking help wrongly estimated the volume of their ponds! Consequently incorrect dosages were relayed and which in turn resulted in a non-functioning pond.

In the JBL pond laboratory JBL has installed a pond volume calculator with which every pond owner can immediately calculate the litres in his pond based on the pond dimensions and form. Прудовая лаборатория / калькулятор (Here please click on "General Analysis Without Problems"). ALL pond owners who corrected their mistake with the help of the pond volume calculator were successful in solving their problem! Be sure to use this practical aid and verfiy whether the amount of liters you assumed to be in your pond corresponds with reality!

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