The Venezuela Expedition Report is Online

Anacondas, piranhas, river dolphins and absolutely unspoiled nature helped shape the 12th JBL Expedition in April 2016 in which 50 people took part.

Because of the uncertain political situation in Venezuela we were not quite sure whether the expedition could be carried out at all until shortly before departure. Unfortunately, three weeks after the end of the expedition, Venezuela descended into chaos, declared its bankruptcy and Lufthansa cancelled all flights there.

But the expedition was a great success! The intact nature of the Orinoco Delta and the area between the table-top mountains is unique worldwide and provided our participants with 10 days full of excitement and aquatic and herpetological insights. Over 200 photos above and under water, as well as short reports about each individual destination with all the research results, can be found with immediate effect on the JBL homepage: Экспедиция 2016 Венесуэла

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