Pave the way in autumn for a perfect pond for the coming year - with JBL.

The decisions you make in autumn can help your pond run though winter and into the coming spring without any algae problems and with healthy fish! If you don’t take precautions in autumn you’ll pay the price in spring and you may end up frustrated because of all the problems that arise. So let’s get to work:

  1. Change over to autumn food (JBL ProPond Autumn) with a protein/fat ratio of 3:1 when the water temperatures drop to between 20 and 10 °C. With its dedicated ingredients, such as fish oil and krill, the sinking autumn food will equip the fish to survive the harsh winter season. Your fish will remain resilient and free from any threat from the dreaded spring viraemia.
  2. When the water temperatures drop between 15 and 5°C, the protein/fat ratio needs to be reduced further to 2:1 with a special winter food (JBL ProPond Winter).
  3. The algae and plants which die off in autumn release bound phosphates into your pond water and thus fertilise the next generation of algae in spring. So remove the phosphates from your pond water with JBL PhosEx Pond in autumn and by withdrawing their nutrients, you’ll stop the next generation of algae from developing in the first place. Be careful when it rains heavily! The soft rainwater dilutes the mineral balance of your pond water to such an extent that the pH value of your water can fluctuate extremely. Fluctuating pH values weaken your fish and impair the beneficial bacteria in the filter and pond. Add minerals (JBL ProPond Basis) to keep your pond water pH stable.

With these 4 measures the fish will see the spring healthy and fit. Your pond will get or keep clear water with stable water values, and algae problems will be a thing of the past. JBL not only promises success - it also guarantees it with a money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose!

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