JBL изнутри - проект строительства зала для экструдера в прямом эфире

Today we would like to give you an exclusive insight into the new construction of our extruder hall.

You have been able to follow the progress of the construction project 21211 online with the webcam for several months now: Проект строительства в реальном времени

In the meantime the project has advanced considerably. Some new machines have already been delivered and installed at the site. Following the motto „Fit for the future“ a new production landscape of about 2000 m2 is going to be built. This will result in the modernisation of the complete animal feed production. For JBL and its general manager Roland Böhme this is a future-oriented investment, which will set a new quality standard in the industry. Furthermore It is the largest project in the company history. In addition to the new extruder from the worldwide leading supplier for extrusion, the existing highly specialized production facilities are going to move as well. This includes such machines as the flaker roll for the flake food, the tablet press and many other specialist units. In the course of the move the complete filling line for animal feed will be extended to provide new opportunities for the future.

Along with the webcam pictures we have put together for you some further insights:

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Matthias Wiesensee
Matthias Wiesensee
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Matthias Wiesensee

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