The sensitive KH value in the pond

I have talked about KH and pH with a lot of koi dealers, experts and professionals in the past few weeks. We discussed why you should add additives such as JBL StabiloPond KH или JBL StabiloPond Basis into the water. The opinions varied from „No one needs it” to “Life insurance for my koi”.

I would like to take the opportunity of stating that EVERY pond owner needs these products, even indoor pond owners! Without a stable KH value the pH value will fluctuate strongly or become so instable that it can– in the worst case – be lethal for the animals!

My expert tip for this:

Check once a week with JBL PROSCAN the base values GH, pH, chlorine, nitrate and nitrite. It’s quite easy to get an overall impression about it. Especially in the rainy seasons a drop in carbonate hardness through dilution is to be reckoned with. It is often the too low carbonate hardness and the biological processes resulting from this which cause bloodshot scales, open wounds or even cracks!

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Ronny Thorhauer
Ronny Thorhauer
Key Account National Teich (Mr. Koi)

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Обо мне: „Mr. Koi“ ist bei JBL im Bereich Teich tätig. Seit der Kindheit interessiert er sich für Koi und führte erfolgreich verschiedene Zoofachgeschäfte, für die er jährlich persönlich in Japan Koi selektierte. Dabei waren für ihn Qualität und Fischgesundheit der Schlüssel zum Erfolg.