The Pond in Winter

A lot of people see the pond in winter as something of a non-subject, since the fish have retreated into their quiet winter zone, the garden has lost some of its charm and as a consequence you spend less time there.

But our colourful pond dwellers still need our undivided attention. Some of us might already have installed the ice preventer in the pond as a precaution against waking up to an unpleasant surprise one morning.

The diaphragm pump is on. Often combined with the ice preventer. Here it’s worth remembering that the air stone shouldn’t be placed deeper than 30 cm, whether it’s being used separately or in combination with the ice preventer.

And don’t forget to feed daily. I recommend an easily digestible and sinking pellet food, now the koi are in the deeper zones. It’s better to feed a little bit less to avoid a too high water load since the filter system is switched off.

Best regards Ronny Thorhauer

© 21.12.2016
Ronny Thorhauer
Ronny Thorhauer
Key Account National Teich (Mr. Koi)

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Обо мне: „Mr. Koi“ ist bei JBL im Bereich Teich tätig. Seit der Kindheit interessiert er sich für Koi und führte erfolgreich verschiedene Zoofachgeschäfte, für die er jährlich persönlich in Japan Koi selektierte. Dabei waren für ihn Qualität und Fischgesundheit der Schlüssel zum Erfolg.