Let’s Clear This Up: Cloudy Water in the Pond

Clear water is right at the top of almost all pond owners’ wish list. There are several types of cloudiness that can upset us:

Whitish cloudiness

often caused by an explosive increase inbacteria. There can be many different reasons for this.

Greenish cloudiness

caused by suspended algae. This is usually caused by a combination of a lot of nutrients in the water and strong light entering the pond.

Brownish cloudiness

Mostly the whirling up of sludge (organic matter from the bottom) is the cause.

Anyone who has no UV-C water clarifier ( JBL ProCristal UV-C 36 Вт ) at hand, can treat greenish suspended algae blooms with JBL PhosEx Pond Filter * and eliminate other kind of cloudiness with JBL CleroPond . JBL CleroPond flocculates the cloudiness, which then gets caught by the filter or it sinks and can be vacuumed away.

* Labelling according to EU Directive 98/8/EG: Use biocides safely! Always read labelling and safety instructions before use.

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Heiko Blessin
Heiko Blessin

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