Plant Fertilisation with Optimised Consumption

The whole subject of fertilisation seems huge and complex at first. That’s why we have provided a calculator which determines the right amount of fertiliser and dosage. All you have to do is to test your aquarium water.

Along with fertilisation the right substrate, the lighting and the CO2 supply play a decisive role. If these factors have been met, nothing stands in the way of perfect plant growth. We have put together an outline of our previous posts and tips about this subject here: Outline: Fertilisation in the Aquarium . It is vital not to undersupply any component of the three factors mentioned above. After that there is only the fourth component to consider. The fertilisation’s micro or macroelements may not drop to a minimum for any parameter. If only one component is missing this will have a negative effect on the plant growth. You can compare this to constructing a car. Even it’s “only” the steering wheel which is missing for the assembly, the car cannot be completed – the same applies plants. At the same time the algae benefit from this imbalance and create an undesirable situation. That’s why stopping fertilisation when algae occur is never the right way; you need to restore the balance. Often it's just small details that make the difference.

The following video will show you how to use the dosing calculator step by step. The first step shows you how to achieve perfect water values and the second step shows you how to modify your re-dosing to suit consumption. Unlike with standard fertilisation you adjust the fertiliser amount to your aquarium and not only save money but also get perfect looking plants.

Give it a try. To the Калькулятор дозировки ProScape .

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