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A Doubled-Ended Trap For Planaria

Planaria (flatworms) can be a problem in a lot of aquariums because they reproduce excessively. They can be the downfall of fish eggs, juvenile fish and invertebrates. JBL has a chemical-free solution for planaria ...

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There’s a demand for JBL cory food

Almost one hundred cory fans met up at the Corydoras Convention (a congress about cories) in Wigan near Manchester/England from 09 – 11 June, 2017. Ian Fuller, the organiser, even brought along some extremely rare ...

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Why Summer is Not Winter

Have you ever wondered why you need to feed your koi with special summer food? In summer there are two special situations: Firstly the water temperature sometimes increases to critical ranges (30°C). This then results ...

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New Video Demonstrates Advantages of the New JBL CristalProfi e 02 Series

You can now watch a short film to find out how the new 02 series differs from the previous JBL external filter series. The advantage of the redesigned filter baskets is clearly visible and the contrast to the previous filter ...

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JBL receives permission to take underwater pictures from Japan’s koi breeders

Japanese people are very polite but also often very particular. In the halls where the koi hibernate the strictest hygiene regulations apply and reaching into the water is absolutely forbidden. This successfully ...

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Update about the JBL Expedition 2018 to the Indian Ocean

The detailed planning of the JBL expedition to Madagascar, Mauritius and the Seychelles is in full swing. Here is some important new information: Travel period: the expedition will take place middle/end October 2018. ...

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Diving Magazine Distorts Reality

Reading the March edition of the diving magazine “Unterwasser“, JBL biologist Heiko Blessin came across a report which was somewhat disconnected from reality. He rang the editor of the magazine and was given the ...

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Теплозащитный кожух JBL с практичным креплением

Тому, кто хочет защитить свои пальцы и обитателей террариума от ожога об обогреватель, нужен теплозащитный кожух для ...

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8-Week Special Exhibition to the Source of the Orinoco

Update 04.08.2017 von Bernhard Theissel: Leider muss er sagen, dass diese Expedition heute aus politischen Gründen in Venezuela nicht stattfinden kann. Herr Theissel möchte auf keinen Fall Mitreisende unnötig in Gefahr bringen, ...

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JBL CristalProfi улучшен на 100%

Фильтруют воду они все, а как же очистка? Основной элемент внешнего фильтра - фильтр предварительной очистки, так как ...

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