Прудовые фильтры

There is an incredible abundance of different pond filters. There are too many to list or to explain here. However there are a few points worth paying attention to:

The most important factor: how many litres is your pond?

It is vital that the volume and pump output of your pond filter match the volume of your pond. The strongest pump is useless if its filter volume is too small and it is completely soiled every couple of days. When buying a filter make sure that the filter volume and the pump size match the volume of your pond. You can determine this easily and most precisely with the Прудовая лаборатория / калькулятор .

Filter cleaning is a MUST!

Find out how easy or complicated it is to clean the filter. Our experience tells us that filters rarely get cleaned when the cleaning takes forever.

At last you have an excuse to drive a digger!

If you plan to dig your pond with a small excavator, you can use it for the pond filter hole, too!

Filter suction pipe and bottom drain

Never position the suction pipe at the deepest point because this would mix all the water layers together. This is not good in summer or winter! Only in koi ponds without a substrate should you install the bottom drain at the deepest spot.

Here’s how to start your pond filter properly

Activate your new pond filter with filter bacteria ( JBL FilterStart Pond ), if you don’t want to wait for 4 weeks until your filter is working biologically.

JBL FilterStart Pond doesn’t only reduce the running-in time, it also simultaneously inoculates your filter with precisely those bacterial strains which actively break down, protein, ammonium and nitrite.