After two weeks in the Amazon rainforest, the Mato Grosso region and two days of marine research in the South Atlantic, the 16-strong team arrived back in Europe on 9th May 2009. In these two weeks of aquatic and herpetological research, teamwork and experiencing nature first-hand, a wealth of impressions were collected, observations noted, water analyses carried out and thousands of photos stored on film and memory cards. For the first time freshwater stingray were able to be photographed and observed underwater. And we even discovered a new species of catfish (precise identification still to be made). Detailed reports on the individual stages of the JBL Expedition can be found in the following files:

    Rio Negro – Amazonas

    Travel reports, results and photos of the first stage of the trip can be found here. The journey takes the team along the Rio Negro from Barcelos to Manaus. Tarantulas, catfish and freshwater dolphins were just a few of the highlights of the trip.


    Northern Pantanal near Nobres

    Read about the clearest water in the world with visibility over 50 meters, where you can snorkel to observe piranhas and freshwater stingray just like in an aquarium.


    Ilha Bella – an island paradise in the South Atlantic

    Ilha Bella off Sao Paulo is probably the southernmost limit of distribution of many Caribbean marine creatures and was the final stage of the Expedition. Together with Brazilian pet shop retailers and aquarium experts, the team carried out water analysis and observed the underwater fauna.



    Here you can find all the tables of results, from water analyses to lux and UV measurements. The water analyses were carried out using JBL water tests and electronic measuring instruments. The lux measurements underwater were taken with the watertight probe of a luxmeter. Date Location TimeLocal time Cloudiness Lux UV-AmW/cm2...


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