JBL Expedition Japan 2019

Giant woodlice in Tokyo

It immediately became apparent that aquascaping is a mainstay of Japanese aquaristics. Large and very small scaped aquariums were to be found all over the shop. You wouldn’t find such a selection of fish and shrimps anywhere in Germany! 10 cherry shrimps for example cost €20. The dark side of poor animal welfare in Japan meant that very large turtles were on sale in mini aquariums!

The Japanese have also adopted the Chinese method of selling fish. A lot of fish were on sale ready packed in fish transport bags. 2 pre-packed armoured catfish, for example, cost €15. The price was okay, but it wasn’t good to see armoured catfish being sold in pairs …

An absolute highlight for us were the horseshoe crabs (Limulus) and giant woodlice, which are rarely on sale in Germany and which we had never seen before in a pet shop. After the sales team had understood that we were not invaders but "only" colleagues, the tone also became friendlier and they started to share information, as far as was possible with the language barrier that was almost always present. In Japan, English is as common as the Japanese language is in Germany!

Not far from the pet shop we visited the famous park "Hama-Rikyu Garden”. The contrast between the typical Japanese landscaping style and the skyscrapers towering in the background could not have been greater and it somehow reflects Japan’s country in a small way. On the one hand it is a country of history and tradition and on the other hand it’s a modern, pulsating global trading partner!

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