Размер и форма террариума

Nowadays, specialist retailers stock a wide range of terrariums, mostly with glass panes held together with silicone adhesive. These can usually be accessed from the front by sliding doors. Small terrariums for invertebrates often come with folding doors on the front instead of sliding panes of glass. Building your own terrarium is barely worth the effort nowadays.

Make sure you select the format, volume and technical equipment of your terrarium in accordance with the requirements of the individual species, their size and their need to move around. As a general rule, the larger, the better! The equipment needs to match the volume of the tank exactly, so that there are no immediate losses due to overheating, should the control technology fail. Only use suitable decoration objects to structure the habitat to provide the animals with spots to retreat to without cluttering the terrarium or compromising optimum hygiene.

The floor of the terrarium is, of course, of major importance to your bottom dwellers, while the height of the terrarium is important for your tree dwellers. Due to the diverse needs and adaptations of the animals, a strict division of terrariums into a few standard types of terrariums isn't very helpful, and the boundaries between the different types are often blurred anyway.