JBL Shark Workshop Bahamas 2018

In the middle of a bunch of feasting sharks – a truly unique experience

Lying there on the ground beside the food basket at a depth of 12 metres, with the sharks ramming into me because I was in their way, I had to think of the film "Menschen unter Haien" by the diving pioneer Hans Hass, the first person to record his encounters with sharks in 1949. Warned by the locals not to enter the waters of the Red Sea on pain of death from the sharks, he decided to risk it anyway and his movie became world famous.

When Hans Hass and Dr. Erich Ritter met, they naturally talked about sharks. Erich told Hans Hass that he didn’t really agree with his early instructions to yell at sharks and slap their noses. Hans Hass only smiled wisely and said: "We didn’t know any better then!" All these things were going through my mind as the sharks' heads bumped into me and my camera.

Wolves are far more aggressive with each other when it comes to food and the pecking order must be STRICTLY adhered to, otherwise they will bite.

I felt no teeth, I noticed no aggressive behaviour, just animals peacefully excited about a feed basket. No fights - by comparison they were really civilized!

Now and then one of them gets in the way and gets knocked down like me. I correct aperture and timing on the camera and was rewarded with some really nice pictures of the sharks.

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