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С Вашим личным профилем JBL у Вас будет множество преимуществ. Вы получите прямой доступ к группе экспертов JBL, сможете зарегистрировать Ваши продукты или подать заявку на продление гарантии. Также Вам станут доступны бесплатно многочисленные документы и дополнительные функции.

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Никогда не пропускайте новости и бесплатно получайте дополнительную информацию о своём увлечении и продуктах JBL. Подпишитесь сегодня!


Vote for the Cover Picture– New JBL Aquarium Manual

We are currently busy putting together the first JBL Aquarium Manual with over 200 pages. There will be two different motifs for the cover picture in the final. Now we’d like you to decide what motif we should select.

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JBL Новогодний розыгрыш 2018

Новогодний розыгрыш 2018

The water is clear, the fish are swimming around and there are no unpleasant odours. It sounds good, but is everything really alright? In 2018 we want you to be able to keep everything under control.

Expeditions around the world


All the biotopes encountered on the JBL expeditions are analysed. In aquatic biotopes we carry out water measurements, UV measurements, lux measurements at different depths under water and we also measure the current. You will find detailed reports with nature shots and measurement data about the respective research expedition here.

Construction Project 21211 New Building Extruder Hall

Проект строительства в реальном времени

The construction project 21211 New Building Extruder Hall is a public site and is been documented for the JBL community by a permanently installed outdoor camera. This camera automatically takes a photo at regular intervals.

Альбом для раскрашивания для детей

Альбом для раскрашивания

Painting is fun – not only for kids! That’s why we have 10 free motives for you and you can colour them straight in the browser window. Botia, the little loach, has suddenly turned green and Tetraodon, the blow fish has got red spots! Give yourself a treat, involve your children, and colour in your favourite fish.

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