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Узнайте о текущих новинках JBL для аквариумистики!

Прочитайте последние пресс-релизы по инновациям в аквариумистике и посмотрите фотографии. В видео мы покажем вам, как новинки работают в аквариуме и как их применять.

Professional CO2 fertilisation does not have to be expensive


With the new CO2 system JBL ProFlora u504 everybody can now get a professional plant fertiliser system which visibly promotes the plant growth in the aquarium and prevents algae. Despite its very low entry-level price it ...

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JBL SiliconeSpray – correct maintenance prolongs the service life of technical items


Anyone who wants to maintain their technical products in the field of aquatics, terraristics and pond needs a good silicone spray. All moving parts will eventually decrease in suppleness or lose the silicone lubrication ...

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Whales and aquarists are waiting for their Arctic plankton


Summer has finally reached the Arctic. The water temperatures have increased slightly and there is enough light during the long and sunny days. And the vegetable and animal plankton (zooplankton) is beginning to reproduce ...

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