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Find out about JBL’s current pond innovations! Read the latest press releases and view pictures about the innovations in the pond segment. We use film clips to show you how effective the new pond products are, and how to use them.

Why Summer is Not Winter


Have you ever wondered why you need to feed your koi with special summer food? In summer there are two special situations: Firstly the water temperature sometimes increases to critical ranges (30°C). This then results ...

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JBL receives permission to take underwater pictures from Japan’s koi breeders


Japanese people are very polite but also often very particular. In the halls where the koi hibernate the strictest hygiene regulations apply and reaching into the water is absolutely forbidden. This successfully ...

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И у кои бывает весеннее недомогание


После зимних лишений кои весной истощены и нуждаются в помощи, чтобы противостоять изменяющимся весенним условиям. ...

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