JBL ProScape Calculator

The three most important factors for your ProScape aquarium are the nutrient balance to feed the plants, the substrate and the lighting.

By means of the 3 practical calculators (fertilization calculator, soil calculator and light calculator) you can instantly find out what dosage of your JBL ProScape Fertilizer and what quantity of substrate are required or whether the existing / planned lighting is sufficient. Just enter the required data into the mask and you’ll immediately receive a tailor-made recommendation for your aquarium. Test it now!

Dosage Calculator

Here you can calculate the optimal supply for your aquarium with the JBL ProScape fertilizers.


Healthy plant growth is mainly dependent on the following three factors: the supply of light, the supply of CO2 and a sufficient/optimal supply of mineral nutrients. Microelements are trace elements required by the plants in small quantities, whereas macroelements are needed in higher quantities to ensure plant growth. In densely planted aquariums both micro and macroelements are consumed in large quantities. In aquariums with a low fish stock, not only the microelements, but also the macroelements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium can decline to a minimum. In such cases it’s best to calculate how much JBL ProScape fertilizer you need. In order to supply the aquatic plants with exactly the right amount of fertilizer, we recommend dosing in two steps. For the first step, set the water values to the ideal values for ProScape aquariums. In the second step determine the daily consumption of the water plants. This will enable you to determine the optimal re-dosing of the water plants based on their consumption. Now there’s nothing to stop you from having gorgeous plants in your home aquarium.

aquarium volume

dimensions of your aquarium

Другие настройки

The aquarium volume is calculated on the basis of length x width x height. Alternatively you can enter the volume directly.

water values of your aquarium

If we transfer Liebig’s Law of the Minimum to the field of aquatics, the importance of a balanced fertilization becomes soon clear. To attain this we look at the initial values of the aquarium water, the biomass of the plants and thus the daily consumption of nutrients. The setting "Professional Scaper" gives you the opportunity to receive the dosing recommendation of all the individual components. The normal dosing recommendation is tailor-made for the JBL ProScape scaper.

professional scaper

water values of the last measurement

ideally directly after adding the fertilizers to reach the ideal water values

Currently measured water values

before adding the fertilizer to reach the ideal water values

Calculating of the dosage recommendation for one single setting of the ideal water values Calculation of the dosage recommendation for the consumption optimized re-dosing


With the enclosed dosing cup you easily can dose the required quantity



With the enclosed pump dispenser you easily can dose 2 ml per pump stroke (1x stroke = 2ml).


Substrate Calculator

Узнайте, какое количество различных грунтов Вам нужно.

Please choose the suitable product from the selection. Afterwards enter the surface and the desired height of the ground. That way you can combine several substrates. Start planning the structure of your bottom ground even before you buy.

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