JBL Рождественский календарь 2016

В Рождественском календаре JBL наши эльфы и Дед Мороз каждый день прячут сюрпризы для Вас. Согласно своему увлечению Вы найдёте много призов. Никто не уйдёт с пустыми руками - участвуйте и Вы!

Ваша сегодняшняя дверца Рождественского календаря



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With the JBL Santa nobody goes empty-handed. Today he has selected a beautiful background picture for you, which will give your desktop or smartphone a new touch. Download it for free using the button. Congratulations on your prize and Merry Christmas. Ho-Ho-Ho!

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Требования к участию в экспедиции JBL

In conversations with nature enthusiasts I notice again and again that there are amazingly high numbers of people interested in taking part, but that many of them are unsure about their own suitability.

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Workshops, trade fairs and promotions in December 2016

You can meet Roland Böhme, JBL’s general manager and his expert team personally at the Fisch & Reptil 2016 in Sindelfingen from 2 to 4 December, 2016.

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This is how to feed your fish properly in autumn

It happens so quickly: One minute we have close to 30 degrees and 4 weeks later it’s hardly more than 10 degrees.

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How often should you fertilise – daily or weekly?

The subjects of plant care and fertilisation can sometimes take on a philosophical element. There are a lot of approaches and a lot of them can lead to success. It is important that your chosen approach suits your aquarium.

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The story of liquid CO2 fertilisation

A lot of aquarists are talking about liquid CO2, which is said to be able to replace a conventional pressurized gas system or a bio-CO2 system.

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The Rainforest Terrarium – Part 1

The rainforest terrarium is characterised by a high humidity of between 70 and 90 % and its relatively constant temperatures of between 25-30 °C, which only ever drop slightly, even at night.

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Бесплатный образец PlanktonPur

Не упустите шанс до 29 января 2017 года 23:59 получить бесплатный образец JBL PlanktonPur и убедиться в качестве чистого арктического планктона без искусственных консервантов