Interzoo 2016 – Introducing JBL’s innovations at the world's leading trade fair

From May 26 to May 29, 2016 the world’s leading trade fair Interzoo opened its doors for the 34th time in Nuremberg. The trade fair, exclusively aimed at the specialist trade, showcased product innovations from all over the world.

According to the organisers there were 1,818 exhibitors from 61 countries on site, all there to explain their innovations to the 39,000 trade visitors. On 115,000 square metres you needed more than a day to get a real idea of the fair. Over the next few months the presented new products will be appearing on the market.

The JBL team was also on site of course, to introduce the first ever physiological-nutritional concept for the nutrition of pond fish with the NEO INDEX®. ProPond® / NEO Index® won the visitors over not only with the unprecedented nature of its appearance and presentation but also with a concept for natural, balanced nutrition, which we have thought out to the last detail to ensure the fish stay healthy and active fish in the long-term.

You will find more details about the new product line ProPond with the NEO INDEX® on our new landing page: ProPond® / NEO Index® – We will be steadily extending the contents of the page at regular intervals right up until spring 2017. That way the suspense will remain high until the first products goes on sale.

In addition we presented ProPond® / NEO Index® the new ProFlora CO2-bitki bakımı series with over 30 new products incl. JBL PROFLORA pH-Control Touch with touch function, the new ProCristal UV-C high performance PROCRISTAL Su arıtıcı for aquariums and garden ponds, the new Yapıştırıcılar ve yağlayıcı maddeler ProHaru – for bonding the most diverse materials with different adhesives, the JBL ProCristal i30 internal filter for small aquariums, the JBL ReptilDesert and ReptilJungle UV-B içeren gün ışığı made of aluminium and our joint venture for microscopes with Bresser.

So as not to keep you on tenterhooks any longer we are allowing you a glance into our Interzoo brochure “JBL Product News Interzoo 2016” as we look over a customer’s shoulder.

In the coming “Interzoo Special“ blog posts we will go into the details of the different product categories.

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Matthias Wiesensee
Matthias Wiesensee
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