JBL CristalProfi Greeline Filter Available Immediately With Bio Sponge Filters

JBL replaces the sintered glass filter material with bio sponge filters in its Dış filtre series CristalProfi greenline, effective immediately. Sintered glass is considerably more expensive and would have caused a price increase in the filter series for the year 2013. In order to keep the prices stable and avoid a price increase, JBL has changed the contained filter material to bio sponge filters.

The usable surface of the bio sponge filters is only marginally smaller than the one of the JBL MicroMec sintered glass filter materials which have been used to date. The sintered glass filter material has the only advantage of containing micro pores in which nitrate from bacteria which break down pollutants can be broken down. Aquarium owners who also want to break down nitrate in the filter can subsequently add the JBL MicroMec to the JBL external filter at any time.

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