A good tool is worth its weight in gold

Just like a cheap spanner would drive any handyman mad, bad scissors or pincers can make aquarists livid!

To save your nerves and to make working on an aquarium fun, especially on a scaped one, JBL is launching a complete set of tools in the new JBL ProScape line. Even reigning aquascaping champions like Adrie Baumann or Jurijs Judjajews, who have already scaped with the new tools on JBL aquariums of over 1000 litres, are thrilled by the superior quality of the Japanese stainless steel with its precision cut.

The new JBL ProScape tool program includes scissors (straight, angled, wave and spring scissors), pincers (straight, angled, slim line) and a trowel for the granule. Absolutely crucial for Adrie Baumann, the world champion in acascaping, were the crosswise fluted tips of the pincers, which prevent the squeezing of the plant roots. A very special offer is lined up for the launch of the JBL ProScape tool range: Anybody who buys at least 3 JBL ProScape tools will get sent a professional waterproof tool bag (JBL Tool Bag).

More detailed information is available under: http://toolbag.proscape.de

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