JBL New Year Competition – Start the New Year with the JBL ToolBag.

JBL has a lot of fun in store for aquascapers. In the New Year Competition every participant has the chance to win one of 10 packed tool bags (JBL ProScape ToolBag). After all every ProScaper needs the right tools to design and maintain their aquarium. You can store the high-quality tools in the JBL ProScape ToolBag and carry them close to your body while you work – just like the professionals.

The prize consists of the following JBL ProScape products: ToolBag, Tool S20 straight, Tool SP straight and Tool P30 slimline.

Participation is from Jan. 01, 2016 until Jan. 31, 2016. 2016 Yeni Yıl Yarışması

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