JBL Nitrate Remover: Simply Professional

High nitrate values mostly lead to algae problems and are thus undesirable. The new JBL filter material JBL BioNitratEx “NEW“ is the perfect solution: just place it in the internal or external filter and replace, once it has been completely degraded (it becomes smaller and smaller as time goes by until it has disappeared). Combatting algae and the nitrate breakdown has never been easier!

The JBL research department has determined in tests that the maximum diameter of the bio balls needs to be 20 mm in order to utilise the space of a variety of filter chambers optimally and achieve a perfect water flow which then leads to a biofilm forming on the bio ball’s surface. The nitrate breakdown will then be achieved since bacterial films form on top of each other, leading in the lowest layers to an oxygen deficit. Only then do the bacteria in the lowest layers withdraw the oxygen from the nitrate and transform it, along with the carbon source from the balls on which they settle, to gaseous nitrogen which exits the water. This way the algae die off and can be combatted naturally without chemicals!

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