Degrading nitrate is not as easy as you think

Developing a filter material to counteract algae-promoting nitrate (NO3) is no easy matter. Bacteria only degrade nitrate when the oxygen content in water is practically non-existent and carbon is present as a food source for them. JBL has improved the structure of its nitrate-degrading filter material JBL BioNitratEx to speed up the nitrate degradation. The new material structure leads to "pockets" the water cannot pass through, so that it almost comes to a standstill. This means biofilms can form faster and underneath these, oxygen-free zones are created. The bacteria settling there then have to convert their breathing method (facultative anaerobes) and so doing extract the oxygen from the nitrate. The filter material serves the bacteria as food (carbon source) and becomes thinner and smaller over time. This allows users to visually monitor how much of their JBL nitrate remover is still available and to supplement or replace it as needed. The new JBL BioNitratEx can easily be recognized by the smaller segmentation of the individual balls. With the help of JBL BioNitratEx, every aquarist can keep unwanted algae under control by depriving them of food in a natural, biological way. And all this effortlessly and without side effects. Algae control could not be easier!

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