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ProPond - NEO INDEX®

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Master School (Meisterschule) of Aquarium Design 2017 in Hannover

10 renowned masters of aquarium design (aquascapers) will meet in Hannover in the course of the pet trade fair Supreme Heimtiermesse (Febr. 02 -05, 2017) and, with 10 selected apprentices by their side, will create the best ...

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JBL Test CombiSet Pond – it can’t get easier than with this small Testlab

Most pond owners have realised that even clear water can contain undesirable substances. You need water tests for a correct diagnosis. The small JBL test case gives each every pond enthusiast the opportunity to ...

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Enforced fasting is the best solution

Withdrawing food is the best way to combat algae! A good silicate eliminator quickly, reliably and easily prevents those unsightly brown coatings which often cover the substrate, stones, wood and even plants in the ...

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Larger and more beautiful: The JBL Aquarium Catalogue 2017

After 140 pages packed full of information about aquatics it’s almost possible to overlook the 20 new items! In this first catalogue exclusively dedicated to aquatics all 1000 JBL aquatic products are described in ...

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JBL Supports Shark Protection Film Project

The 10-time free-diving world record holder Christian Redl’s idea was so great that JBL is supporting his Kickstarter project with a four-digit euro amount. There is going to be a film with beautiful and horrifying ...

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JBL Pond and Terrarium Manual Now Available

The first editions of the JBL manuals (nearly 100 pages) are available as hard copy and to download. Instead of thin booklets the manuals include everything you need to know, from how to keep your animals to trouble ...

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JBL 2018 Keşif Gezisi için başvurularınızı artık çevrim içi yapabilirsiniz!

JBL'nin Hint Okyanusu temalı 2018 Keşif Gezisine katılmak isteyenlere: Şu andan itibaren çevrim içi olarak başvurabilirsiniz.

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Popüler JBL ProScan uygulaması şimdi 11 dilde

Uygulamayı Almanca, İngilizce ve Fransızca'nın yanı sıra şimdi ücretsiz olarak İspanyolca, İtalyanca, Japonca, Felemenkçe, Polonyaca, Portekizce, Rusça ve Türkçe dillerinde de sunuyoruz.

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Dory with babies

For the first time ever the Americans have finally succeeded in breeding one of the ten most popular marine fish in the USA! After the launch of the film “Finding Dory” there was a significant surge in demand for palette ...

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