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JBL 2018 Keşif Gezisi için başvurularınızı artık çevrim içi yapabilirsiniz!

JBL'nin Hint Okyanusu temalı 2018 Keşif Gezisine katılmak isteyenlere: Şu andan itibaren çevrim içi olarak başvurabilirsiniz.

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Popüler JBL ProScan uygulaması şimdi 11 dilde

Uygulamayı Almanca, İngilizce ve Fransızca'nın yanı sıra şimdi ücretsiz olarak İspanyolca, İtalyanca, Japonca, Felemenkçe, Polonyaca, Portekizce, Rusça ve Türkçe dillerinde de sunuyoruz.

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Dory with babies

For the first time ever the Americans have finally succeeded in breeding one of the ten most popular marine fish in the USA! After the launch of the film “Finding Dory” there was a significant surge in demand for palette ...

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Why are you letting your plants starve?

EVERY aquarium plant needs carbon dioxide (CO2) to survive and to grow! Fast growing species especially need a lot of CO2, and red fish species need CO2 fertilisation to survive. JBL has developed a new and elegant permanent ...

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Ücretsiz JBL GarantiePlus ile şimdi daha da güvenli

JBL'nin teknik ürünlerini satın alanlar şimdi daha da güvende, çünkü JBL onlara iki yıl ek garanti armağan ediyor. Ürününüzü iki yıllık üretici garanti süresi içerisinde çevrim içi kaydettirin. ...

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Tortoises boycott Bioland

JBL meant well: the purely plant-based tortoise food JBL Herbil received the coveted Bioland seal because it is made exclusively using Bioland grasses. The owner liked it more than their tortoises, who found the food a bit ...

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JBL would like to invite you to the Biotope Aquarium Design Contest 2016

It's that time again! The World Championship for Biotope Aquatics is about to start. All you committed biotope aquarists can upload your photo with a description onto the competition page ...

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JBL receives the European authorisation to sell anti-algae agents

Since the company was founded, JBL GmbH & Co. KG has been carrying out research in the field of water care for aquariums and garden ponds. The success of our care products and our acceptance to the Article 95 list of the European ...

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Professional CO2 fertilisation does not have to be expensive

With the new CO2 system JBL ProFlora u504 everybody can now get a professional plant fertiliser system which visibly promotes the plant growth in the aquarium and prevents algae. Despite its very low entry-level price it ...

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JBL has simplified your aquarium restart

Using the new JBL StartKit, success is guaranteed when starting a freshwater aquarium with fish and shrimps, or a turtle paludarium! Our product duo JBL BioPol for water conditioning and JBL Denitrol as a bacteria ...

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