Burada yeni ürünlere ilaveten JBL ve hobiniz hakkında bir çok başka bilgiye ulaşabilirsiniz. Yine, evcil hayvan mağazalarındaki etkinlikler, fuar etkinlikleri, konferanslar, çalıştaylar ve keşif gezileri de buradan duyurulacak.


Haie sind die besseren Delfine

Haie sind die besseren Delfine - sagte Haiforscher Dr. Erich Ritter den Teilnehmern des JBL Hai-Workshops auf den Bahamas in seiner ersten Vorlesung. Haie zum Frühstück und Mittag stand sechs Tage lang auf dem ...

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JBL Ferropol Root – How To Fertilise Roots Properly

Plant experts like Christel Kasselmann have told us in conversation that a lot of plants have their growth inhibited by a nutrient deficit in the root area. In response JBL has developed Ferropol Root JBL, a new fertiliser ...

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New JBL LED Lights Perfect For Terrariums

A lot of terrarium animals, such as spiders, scorpions, frogs, newts and a few nocturnal animals need a sunlike light, but no UV-A or UV-B radiation. For those animals the new JBL LED Solar lighting is ideal. Another ...

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One Free JBL Aquarium Booklet For Everyone!

From now on any aquarium owner, or anyone who is thinking of getting an aquarium, can download a free 200 page aquarium booklet from the JBL website, instead of having lots of little brochures. It really has all the ...

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JBL Detoxifies In 10 Minutes

A lot of aquarium enthusiasts unfortunately experience problems with toxic nitrogen compounds in the water: ammonia and nitrite are present in toxic concentrations! With JBL Detoxol JBL’s research department has ...

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New From JBL: Dark Natural Substrate Manado Dark

A dark substrate forms a much stronger contrast to green plants and fish colours than a brown or a light substrate. That’s why JBL has added a darker colour to the natural substrate Manado range, already tried and tested ...

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Mr Ng, The Most Important Koi Man In Hong Kong

Mr Ng is a multimillionaire and lives the dream every koi enthusiast has: he owns ponds and houses with indoor tanks only for his koi, which definitely count among the best in Asia. He also breeds them, but he doesn’t sell ...

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New JBL Oxygen Test With Red Instead Of Beige

New scientific findings need to be taken advantage of. The JBL research and development department has greatly increased the accuracy of their test by using a third reagent and it is now much simpler and clearer to read ...

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JBL teams up with the sun

Roland Böhme could not resist the opportunity to install one of the state of the art solar panels on the roof himself. It is a matter of personal importance to him not only to talk about environmental measures but to ...

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Theme-Orientated Aquariums from JBL

Almost everyone sees the underwater world as colourful and fascinating, in theory. Almost everyone thinks aquariums are beautiful, in theory. But only in theory, because there are so many ...

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