Burada yeni ürünlere ilaveten JBL ve hobiniz hakkında bir çok başka bilgiye ulaşabilirsiniz. Yine, evcil hayvan mağazalarındaki etkinlikler, fuar etkinlikleri, konferanslar, çalıştaylar ve keşif gezileri de buradan duyurulacak.


New JBL Fertilisers - Green Bottles for Green Fingers

Now that LED has become a feature of the vast majority of aquariums, it’s time to test your fertiliser compositions and perhaps readjust your dosages.

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JBL Innenfilter i30 – auch die kleinsten Produkte können große Verbesserungen bekommen

Für den sehr beliebten kleinsten JBL Innenfilter ProCristal i30 wünschten sich sehr viele Aquarien- und Terrarienfreunde (bei Wasserschildkröten) eine Regelmöglichkeit der Pumpenleistung. Die JBL Entwicklungsabteilung hat diesen Wunsch jetzt umgesetzt

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JBL lets you look inside the tins

Who wants to buy a pig in a poke? A lot of aquarium owners like to look inside the food tins at their pet shop before they buy, but the sealing foil under the lid usually makes it impossible.

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JBL erhält das Ökostromzertifikat

Die baulichen Maßnahmen und die intensiven Bemühungen um Strom aus nachhaltigen Energiequellen haben sich gelohnt: JBL hat das begehrte Ökostromzertifikat erhalten!

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JBL Desinfekt and JBL OxyTabs no longer available

For EU legal reasons, once these two existing products have been sold they will no longer be produced. In most cases JBL OxyTabs oxygen tablets can then be replaced by the use of an air pump.

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JBL Expedition 2021 to Observe Altum Angelfish in Colombia

On the JBL expedition to Venezuela Dr. Wolgang Staeck gave us his insider tip, a place in the Colombian jungle where he managed to observe entire groups of angelfish in clear water.

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JBL uses 100 % electricity from renewable sources

JBL has taken another important step in its efforts to become even more sustainable: After equipping the new buildings with solar systems (which was completed last summer), from 01.01.2019 JBL will purchase CO2-neutral green electricity for any additional energy required

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What should you do if sharks come too close?

Reviews of the JBL shark workshop are now online on the JBL website:

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Classical analog advertising works - in Tenerife at least

On its 21st birthday, the Koala pet shop chain in Tenerife celebrated and invited the population of Tenerife, about 900,000 not counting tourists, to join in the birthday celebrations.

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JBL Korallenförderung in der Fachpresse

In der Dezemberausgabe des Meerwasser-Fachmagazins Koralle wird ausführlich über die Unterstützung von JBL für das Korallenschutzprogramm in Florida berichtet. JBL Geschäftsführer Roland Böhme besuchte Mitte 2018 die Korallenaufzuchtstation

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JBL FerroTabs renamed

While adapting all our JBL aquarium plant fertilisers to the stronger LED lighting, we also took the opportunity to reassess their intended uses and applications.

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JBL Regal stiehlt Martin Rütter die Show

Die Show «Hund vs. Katze – Rütter gegen Boes» am 12.12.18 zur besten Sendezeit haute selbst eingefleischte Katzen- und Hundefans nicht unbedingt vom Hocker. Erst als in einer im Zoogeschäft gedrehten Spielszene ein JBL Regal zu sehen war,

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JBL cardboard – from the press straight into recycling

Two new paperboard presses at JBL have made it possible. Instead of just collecting paper and cardboard to drive everything to the recycling yard, where it needs to be transported again for its final recycling, JBL is now bypassing the first step!

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JBL’s boss in the coral nursery

The reefs in the Caribbean are having a hard time of it. Global warming has increased the water temperature so much that a lot of the corals are dying, and hurricanes are growing more frequent and stronger and can devastate the reefs even at a depth of 10 meters.

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Snake farm advises JBL on Namibia expedition

Jürgen Hergert, who runs the snake farm in the Nordharz, was lucky to survive three deadly poisonous snake bites which resulted in cardiac arrest and all its associated complications. Milking poisonous snakes to produce serum is not without its dangers.

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JBL expedition back from viewing the largest aquarium fish in the world

Due to their size of over 10 meters whale sharks aren’t exactly the ideal aquarium inhabitants. This doesn’t stop more and more public aquariums worldwide, from Atlanta/USA to Taiwan, from keeping whale sharks in aquariums. The JBL expedition team travelled

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Frost can’t harm JBL bacteria starter any more

Till now, JBL bacteria starters were delivered with special polystyrene heat packs during frost periods or, in very low temperatures, not delivered at all. This is now a thing of the past!

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New JBL digital thermometer - with or without alarm

Normal aquarium thermometers are accurate, but can only be read at a certain angle and without glasses, which can make them a little inconvenient. The new JBL digital thermometers make everything easier:

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go2018 – JBL spricht über die digitale Revolution

Roland Böhme, Geschäftsführer von JBL, diskutierte am 08.11.2018 auf der go2018 am Frankfurter Flugplatz mit Experten aus Forschung und Industrie über die Digitale Revolution und wie wir uns darauf einstellen müssen.

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JBL to Go: Bacteria to take away

With JBL ProClean Bac we have followed the wishes of many aquarium friends and specialist dealers and produced a ready-to-use, immediate effect bacterial concentrate.

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