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Başvuru dönemi 01.01.2019 - 15.07.2020

To see altum angelfish and cardinal tetras in clearwater

Clear jungle rivers, many interesting fish species, indigenous villages and aquatic research are the highlights of this exciting JBL expedition at the end of January - beginning of February 2021 for about € 1900 (incl. flights). For ten days four boats, each with teams of 8 people on board, will leave Inirida to visit various habitats.

Before we take a smaller plane to the east of Colombia to the Venezuelan border, we will spend the night in Bogota, the capital of Colombia. The next morning we’ll all fly to Puerto Inirida in the lowland rainforest.

We’ll be going in boats to regions 30 minutes to 3 hours away in the middle of the rain forest. Rivers such as the Rio Inirida or the Rio Atabapo flow towards Orinoco, forwarding very clear blackwater and forming the habitat of huge numbers of ornamental fish species familiar to us from our aquariums.

The four 8-person teams will take turns to visit the various habitats, so that more than 8 people are never gathered at one biotope. On site, everyone is free to pursue their specific interests after the general research tasks such as water analyses, light measurements etc. have been completed.

We’ll be staying the night with indigenous people, who’ll also be preparing our meals. The food is sure to be tasty and inanimate! There won’t be a McDonalds anywhere! We will be fully integrated into the village life of the locals and we’ll receive an intimate knowledge of their lifestyles.

A very special habitat will be the large boulders in the Rio Atabapo. Dr. Wolfgang Staeck found very beautiful L number catfish species during his trip there. Catching sucker catfish is always a real challenge because the animals don’t let go of the subsoil so easily!

In the other places we’re visiting we’ll be able to snorkel in the clear blackwater and observe fish. Above the sandy substrate we’ll see eartheaters, armored catfish and even freshwater stingrays.

In other biotopes we’ll find banded cichlids (Heros species), dwarf cichlids (Apistogramma species), altum angelfish (Pterophyllum altum), cardinal tetras (Paracheirodon axelrodi), flag cichlids (Mesonauta insignis), Crenicichla species and many more. Dr. Wolfgang Staeck will be present on site and help us determine them.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience Piranhas live and under water, this is your chance! Unfortunately we can’t guarantee any shark bites because they are not the bloodthirsty monsters they are often taken for.

Terrarium animal lovers will also get their heart’s desire. The rainforests along the riverbank are home to countless interesting terrarium animals, from tarantulas to lizards and snakes. In the waters live caimans and turtles. One of our expedition tasks will be to determine the biotope data.

Optional extra trip to the famous Rainbow River

The Cano Cristales is considered the most beautiful river in the world

If you type "Cano Cristales" in Google, you'll see images which look like they’re made by artists using a lot of photoshop. But they're real with an incredible red blaze of plant colours in absolutely crystal clear water. And since we’re in Colombia anyway, it is only a small flight from Bogota to La Macarena.

The best time to visit Cano Cristales is from June to November, but even during our travel season it will be exciting and instructive for us to visit this unique habitat. As we’re travelling there during a dry season, the water level will probably be very low and the plants will not shine quite as red as you see on the photos. The 2 days to Cano Cristales are not part of the expedition and can be booked separately or omitted. The price for this trip from and to Bogota will be about €350. We can’t be more specific before the airfares and flight times are published mid 2020.

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