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JBL Influencer Günleri Online meets Offline Vol. 4 24 hours with JBL

Hi there Influencers and JBL Followers,
Do you love your hobby (aquaristics, terraristics or pond) so much you present it online to others to exchange or share your knowledge? Do you have your own YouTube or Instagram channel and maybe also a Facebook page? Then this meeting is exactly the right highlight for you at the end of 2019. 24 hours with JBL at the JBL Influencer Days - Online meets Offline Vol. 4.

OmO stands for “Online meets Offline” and brings together highly rated influencers and dedicated onliners offline. We’re offering the fifteen participants an exclusive 24-hour programme with the JBL brand. This will be an exciting two days. Even those with lots of experience with products and insights virtually will gain some new, awesome insights - guaranteed.

At the JBL Influencer Days - Online meets Offline Vol. 4 run by JBL, getting to know each other and networking will be the first priority. Exchanges about online techniques, strategies and experiences will prove as important as the extensive programme. Together we’ll develop ideas or get a project or two going, and we’ll all benefit. And we’d really appreciate you passing on your impressions of this event live to your own followers.

It’ll be the first time that the participants will be able to immortalize themselves at JBL - but we’re not going to reveal any more at this point.

The programme

Welcome to JBL: welcome and introduction of participants

22.11.2019 13:30 ..e kadar 14:00

Experience tour: an insight behind the scenes of production and logistics

22.11.2019 14:00 ..e kadar 16:30

myJBL community project 2.000 Litres - planning, realization, finalshot

22.11.2019 16:30 ..e kadar 00:00

Starting the day together: exchanging ideas and networking

23.11.2019 09:00 ..e kadar 10:30

L'alligatore: active visit to the TV star and professional terraristics expert

23.11.2019 11:00 ..e kadar 13:30

Ornamental fish wholesaler Aquarium Dietzenbach: a glimpse behind the scenes

23.11.2019 14:00 ..e kadar 16:00

The registration

Please register by 23:59 on 10 Nov 2019. All applicants will receive a reply by 12:00 on 11 Nov 2019. The event will take place from Nov 22 2019 14:00 until 23 Nov 2019 18:00, thus enabling everyone to arrive and depart comfortably. Participants cover the travel and accommodation costs. JBL will of course cover the catering and programme costs. We’ll take good care of your creature comforts and entertainment on site.

You are only one step away from your application. Please register with your myJBL profile or create a new one. Then you can fill out your application and send it from here.