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JBL'nin son havuz yenilikleri hakkında bilgi edinin! Havuz konusundaki yeniliklere ilişkin son basın bildirilerini okuyun ve ilgili resimlere göz atın. Film kliplerinde size bahçe havuzu yeniliklerinin işlevini ve nasıl uygulanacağını gösteriyoruz.

Why Summer is Not Winter


Have you ever wondered why you need to feed your koi with special summer food? In summer there are two special situations: Firstly the water temperature sometimes increases to critical ranges (30°C). This then results ...

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JBL receives permission to take underwater pictures from Japan’s koi breeders


Japanese people are very polite but also often very particular. In the halls where the koi hibernate the strictest hygiene regulations apply and reaching into the water is absolutely forbidden. This successfully ...

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Koi Have Spring Fever Too


After the strains of winter your koi are exhausted and need sufficient reserves to cope with the changing conditions of spring. Healthy ingredients, such as spirulina, shrimps and salmon form the basis of a protein/fat ...

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