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JBL'nin son havuz yenilikleri hakkında bilgi edinin! Havuz konusundaki yeniliklere ilişkin son basın bildirilerini okuyun ve ilgili resimlere göz atın. Film kliplerinde size bahçe havuzu yeniliklerinin işlevini ve nasıl uygulanacağını gösteriyoruz.

It’s green for go at JBL


On the 16th of January the first JBL ProPond delivery set off. JBL’s general manager Roland Böhme took the opportunity to write a few personal words to accompany it. Two days later Norbert Zajac excitedly received the ...

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JBL Test CombiSet Pond – it can’t get easier than with this small Testlab


Most pond owners have realised that even clear water can contain undesirable substances. You need water tests for a correct diagnosis. The small JBL test case gives each every pond enthusiast the opportunity to ...

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ProPond: The Future of Koi Nutrition Is Coming in 2017


Koi food is ten a penny. But before planning our completely new koi food concept the JBL food development department got together with leading koi importers and breeders to hear what they wanted. Interestingly ALL of them ...

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