JBL ProScape PlantStart
Hızlı bitki başlatıcı toprak aktivatörü

  • Güçlü bir bitki gelişimi için: Canlı bakteri kültürleri besin maddelerini bitkilerin yararlanabileceği şekle dönüştürür ve akvaryum bitkilerinin kök oluşumunu destekler
  • Her yeni kurulumda: Besiyerinin veya ilk toprak tabakasının üzerine serpin ve zemin toprağı ile örtün
  • Yabancı mikropların ve mavi alglerin (siyanobakteriler) yerleşimini azaltır. Zemindeki minerallerin bakteriler tarafından parçalanması sayesinde bitki kökleri en iyi şekilde beslenir. Bitkiler daha hızlı gelişir
  • Diğer avantajı: Zemindeki organik atık maddeleri bozunduran bakteri kültürü karışımı. Zemin toprağını ek bir filtreye dönüştürür
  • İçerik: 2 adet birbirinden ayrı olarak mühürlenmiş metal kaplamalı poşet; her biri 20-100 l kapasiteli akvaryumlar için canlı bakteri kültürü içerikli 8 g mineral granül içerir
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temel fiyat 32,31 EUR / 100 g
KDV dahil tavsiye edilen satış fiyatı
Uzman satış mağazanızda bulabilirsiniz.
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Bu ürünü uzman satıcınızdan veya çevrim içi satış kanalıyla temin edebilirsiniz.
Ürün bilgileri

Su bitkileri sudaki besin maddelerini tükettiğinden ve dolayısıyla yosunlara karşı aktif etki gösterdiğinden her akvaryum için son derece yararlıdır.

Su bitkileri yeni dikildiğinde köklerinin güçlenmesi ve dolayısıyla bitkilerin zemine iyice sabitlenmesi epey zaman alır. JBL PlantStart ile bitkilerinizin kök salma sürecini kısaltır, çok kısa bir süre içerisinde gelişmeye başlamalarını sağlarsınız. Özel bakteri karışımı (kültür karışımı) bitkilerin besin maddelerini ve eser elementleri almasını kolaylaştırır. Örn. çökelen demir III, bitkiler için yararlı demir II'ye dönüştürülür.

Deneyler sırasında JBL PlantStart'ın diğer bir avantajı ortaya çıkmıştır: Bakteriler zemin toprağına son derece hızlı bir şekilde yerleşerek organik materyali bozundurmaktadır. Dolayısıyla, yeni döşenmiş bir zemin toprağının son derece kısa bir sürede işlevsel bir ek filtreye dönüşmesi söz konusudur. JBL ProScape PlantStart oluşturduğu biyofilm sayesinde mavi alglerin (siyanobakteriler) yerleşimini azaltır.


JBL ProScape PlantStart

Ürün no:
EAN Kodu:
2 x 8 gr
20-100 Lt
Paket hacmi:
0.300 l
Brüt ağırlık:
34.000 g
Net ağırlık:
16 g
Ağırlık faktörü:
Ebatlar (u/y/g):
27/140/74 mm
Blog - Görüşler ve deneyimler


Misunderstandings – typical beginner mistakes

Based on our own experience in customer service and the many messages and questions we receive, we have put together the typical mistakes beginners may make. The experienced aquarist might well smile, but if they are honest, these are mistakes we all made at the start, aren’t they?

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Time For A Change - Pros And Cons

Think back to your childhood. Your bedroom was a small area for you to let your imagination run free. And unsurprisingly you felt like re-decorating and rearranging it at least every three weeks.

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(MSAD) Master School of Aquarium Design Team 5: The Island-Style Aquarium

The intention was to use roots and stone to create two islands, separated from each other by sand or a dense carpet of ground cover plants.

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(MSAD) Master School of Aquarium Design Team 3: The Triangular Layout

This layout consists of nothing but a beautiful, very unusual piece of wood which has been carefully positioned in the aquarium along the principles of the golden ratio.

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(MSAD) Master School of Aquarium Design Team 2: Tree On The Riverbed

The dimensions of the aquarium they were given and its built-in filter inlet and outlet, lead this team to choose a nature aquarium with a triangular layout. The motive shows the bottom of a tree protruding into a riverbed.

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The Master School of Aquarium Design 2018

“Wow – that’s beautiful“. This how people typically react upon seeing a lovingly created aquarium landscape. Whether an aquascape, biotope or community aquarium - creativity knows no bounds.

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The Master School of Aquarium Design: Join In!

A dream aquarium of your own design? Have you ever wanted to recreate a dream aquarium you’ve seen somewhere, but don’t know how? Do you sometimes wonder how famous scapers have set up the aquariums they display online?

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The world’s best aquascapers use JBL products

Although aquascaping is an art, any aquarium owner can set up an aquarium artistically.

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JBL ProScape Tools

The JBL ProScape tools meet the requirements of the professional aquascaping perfectly. They are produced from high-quality steel, made in Japan, (with an extremely smooth surface) for scissors with the best quality and the highest cutting precision.

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Outline: Fertilisation in the Aquarium

The JBL plant care concept leads to vigorous and healthy growth even with the most demanding aquatic plants. JBL has all the components you need, whether it’s a fertiliser, a bottom substrate or a fully automatic CO2 fertiliser system.

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Pflegemittel - Die besten Lösungen für Ihr Aquarium

Mit den richtigen Produkten ist die Aquarienpflege nicht nur einfach, sondern kann auch viel Spaß machen! Die auf intensiver Forschung basierenden Zusammensetzungen der JBL Produkte sind zwar gerade bei Pflegemitteln nicht immer auf den ersten Blick erkennbar, aber auf jeden Fall mittel- und langfristig am schönen Aquarium und gesunden Fischen abzulesen.

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Plant aquarium in fast motion with or without CO2

Have you ever had the chance to see how big the difference really is between a plant aquarium with and without CO2 fertilisation?

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Event Report: Master School of Aquarium Design 2017

Aquatics is a hobby full of emotions, creativity and fun. Numerous competitions to set up aquariums in all kinds of styles have sprung up during the last few years. Whether locally or in the internet – competitions are a ten a penny.

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The JBL Calculators – Calculated Success

The three most important factors for your plant aquariums are the nutrient balance, the substrate and the lighting.

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Social Escape – an aquarium slowly and relaxingly takes shape and is the antidote to burn out.

Social stands for online marketing and social media. Escape means a way out of our fast moving digital lives and a way into another world. A balancing haven of peace and relaxation.

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Plant care: How can water tests help?

Ideally water looks crystal-clear, yet pollutants are often invisible. That’s why clear water might still be toxic.

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How to scape an aquarium

This is where to find a quick start guide for the scaping of an aquarium. Using pictures we show you in easy steps how to create your own scape and make your aquarium a perfect ProScape. Clean the aquarium with . Never use household cleaners. Pile up lava granulate ( ) to create a stable foundation for the stones or wood to be placed on. The lava granulate prevents...

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What is so special about the care of a ProScape?

The maintenance measures for a “normal” aquarium consist of nothing more than a partial water change of about 30% every two weeks and cutting back the aquarium plants which have grown too long.

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There’s more to fertilization than you’d think Part 2

Simply put, Liebig’s Law of the Minimum states that the growth of plants is limited by the scarcest resource. Adding a nutrient which already exists in abundance does not influence the growth.

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Fertilization is not just fertilization Part 1

Unlike in natural waters, aquariums with fish mostly have a surplus of nutrients caused by feeding and the resulting fish excrement. Thus nitrates and phosphates in large (often too large!) quantities are available for the plants.

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Creating Dreamscapes under Water

Sooner or later every aquarist reaches the point where he wants more than "just" an aquarium with fish and plants. Perhaps he wants to simulate a landscape above water, such as a mountain range with woods or some special habitat (biotope), inside his aquarium.

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#HannoverScape2016 – Rankings

Last weekend the final of the aquarium design competition #HannoverScape2016 took place. Together with the organizer of the event we now would like to present the final placements.

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ProScape „Sulawesi Cliffs” by Jessica Runde

We asked some Proscapers to present their work to our community, which means you. Jessica Runde created a model aquarium at home several months ago and recorded its setting-up and development with JBL ProScape in videos and photos.

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Oxygen Explosion in the Aquarium – The Right Fertilisation

Every evening my aquarium resembles a “whirlpool“ with a thousand little oxygen bubbles. This is the time I relax and wind down after a long day.

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ProScape: „Escarpment“ – an endorser Aquascape report

We asked some Proscapers to present their work to our community, which means you. Phillip Tauchmann created a model aquarium at home several months ago and recorded its setting-up and development with JBL ProScape in videos and photos.

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How to create a ProScape - The making of „Scaping Four“

From the idea to the finished layout it needs some planning. What materials do I need and where do I get them? This is assuming you have already decided on a style.

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You ask, we answer: What’s the best way to fertilise an aquascape?

Dear Chris, dear Community, Thank you for your question. A luxuriant plant growth is based on the elements lighting, CO2 supply and an optimal fertilisation with nutrients.

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JBL ProScape PlantStart: Bacteria for Quick Plant Growth & Against Blue-Green Algae

Unfortunately aquarium plants don’t grow always as they are supposed to, even if nutrients and minerals are available. Research findings show that bacteria are responsible for the breakdown of the minerals and nutrients in the root zones.

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Laboratuvarlar ve hesaplayıcılar

ProScape gübre hesaplayıcı

Buradan akvaryumunuzun JBL ProScape gübreleyiciler ile en uygun şekilde nasıl besleneceğini hesaplarsınız. Su bitkilerinin en uygun şekilde beslenmesi için iki kademeli bir doz uygulaması önerilir.

ProScape zemin toprağı hesaplayıcı

Hangi zemin toprağına ne kadar ihtiyacınız olduğunu bulun. Listeden uygun ürünü seçin. Ardından zeminin alanını ve istenen zemin yüksekliğini girin.
Okumaya değer

Yosun mücadelesi

Here’s how to combat algae successfully and lastingly.

Bitki bakımı

What maintenance measures do your aquarium plants need?

Günlük bakım

How much daily or weekly care is involved? What are the basic maintenance measures for your aquarium?

Planlama ve balık koyma

Which fish are compatible? What do you need to consider when selecting fish?

Bitki bakımı

What care do your plants need in the aquarium?


Why do aquarium plants need to be fertilised?

Bitki türleri

Which plant species suit your aquarium? What demands do the individual species have?

Bakteriyel başlatma aşaması

How do you start an aquarium with bacteria properly? When do you need to bacterially inoculate the water?


Which aquarium plants are best? What’s the best way to plant them?

Alt kumu

What is the perfect substrate? Which material is suitable? What‘s the right grain size?

Akvaryum düzenleme

How is an aquarium set up? What do you have to consider? Step by step to a beautiful aquarium

Biyotop (yaşam alanı) akvaryumları

A real piece of the Amazon or, with the Congo, a piece of the heart of Africa. A habitat (biotope) aquarium is a challenge. Can you emulate nature?

Akvaryum peyzajı-Akvaryum tipi JBL Dreamscape®

Mountains, valleys, meadows and fish! Create your dreamlike landscape under water with the Dreamscape® aquarium

JBL Rio Pantanal® orman tipi akvaryum

Oturma odanızda ormanlarda akan bir nehre yer açın! Canlı su altı aksiyonu! JBL Rio Pantanal® ile hiç sorun değil.

Kaya resifi-akvaryum tipi JBL Malawi Rocks®

The fish of Lake Malawi are as colourful as the fish in the coral reefs. This aquarium brings a bit of freshwater reef into your living room

Kırmızı balık-akvaryum tipi JBL Goldfish Paradise®

Lively goldfish in the aquarium enhance any room perfectly! Invite some new flatmates into your home with this goldfish aquarium

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