Manuals (catalogue)


Download the JBL manuals as a PDF file. That way you’ll always have all the information to hand. You can save the manuals on your device and print it out completely or in sections. You will find pictures and product descriptions of EVERY JBL product in the fields of aquarium, terrarium and pond here, all laid out in a clear format and with a large variety of additional information about your hobby. Further down on this page you can also have your personal copy sent to your home.

Aquarium manual

Dear Aquarium Enthusiasts, ONE aquarium manual instead of many small booklets – for reasons of sustainability that was our aim. I have changed over to the new JBL LED lights in my own aquarium at home and I am absolutely thrilled with them! Our research department has succeeded in developing a full spectrum LED technology which works perfectly for aquarium plants. After all not every LED is suitable for our very specific aquatic demands. Scientists have developed the PAR value as a unit of measurement, which shows how much LED light is being created and made available to the plants. This means we can immediately see if an LED is promoting plant growth. Here’s wishing you all future enjoyment in the exciting field of aquatics! Warmest greetings Roland Böhme


Pond manual

Dear Pond Enthusiasts, For the first time we are presenting our pond manual in the form of both guidebook and reference work. In the first part you will find articles concerning all you need to know about ponds and pond animals. In the second part of the book we will give you a complete outline of all JBL pond products. With the JBL ProPond food range for koi and pond fish JBL has really created something totally unique: a food concept, which not only meets the requirements of the fish as a seasonal concept, but also takes their other living conditions into account. All these factors have resulted in the NEO index which includes the right protein/fat ration for the respective food. Thanks to that you will be nourishing the health and colours of your fish and this will mean more and longer enjoyment with them! JBL can truly guarantee you this. With warm greetings, Roland Böhme


Terrarium manual

Dear Terrarium Enthusiast, Every time I go on an expedition the crawlers and reptiles we meet fascinate me and I am glad that our JBL range not only makes it possible to keep these animals in terrariums but that we also can create conditions for them which are increasingly modelled on nature. Once you have encountered poison dart frogs, monitor lizards or tree snakes in the wild you will be captivated by these animals for life. I’ve even come to love tarantulas, not everyone’s favourites. In the course of our UV measurements we repeatedly noticed that more UV radiation reaches the animals than many are aware of, and this has strengthened our motivation to develop UV rich lamps. This way keeping and hopefully breeding terrarium animals will become a bit easier. With warm greetings, Roland Böhme



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