Dear Friends of JBL, dear Friends of terrarium animals, fish and invertebrates, dear Friends of nature, dear Divers,

Click here to go to the Fan Shop where you can order clothing, towels, bags and many other useful and attractive articles with animal motives. You can select animal motives from a large selection in the >Product Designer< and position, pivot or combine the motives on an article of clothing.

The first 10 orderers receive a black JBL bumbag/fanny pack with 1 medium-sized print of choice free of charge.

If you select a version WITH the JBL logo, you get an even cheaper sponsor price! The price in the box at the bottom rises with every animal motive you select, of course.

Dealers and clubs/associations receive special terms if they register. Of course, you can also have your own logo integrated. In that case, please contact our production partner directly ("Special Production" button in the navigation bar). Special prices are available additionally if you order quantities of 10 or more.

We hope you will enjoy creating your very own motive! Show the people around you that you are a fan of L-catfish or tarantulas, for example!