Japanese don't like tests - and test 300 times a day

That was the craziest conversation imaginable! Some famous koi breeders in the Ojiya area professed no interest at first when we presented the water test app JBL ProScan. They would recognize the water values by the condition of their Koi - was their first reaction! In the course of the conversation, the koi breeders realized that we weren’t completely ignorant of the subject and started to ask detailed questions about conductivity and the osmotic effects of salt. The conversation turned and suddenly their interest in water tests became evident. After one and a half hours came the statement: I own 600 ponds and my employees test water up to 300 times a day. We explained the JBL smartphone water test again and a quick calculation showed the koi breeders that the one-minute JBL ProScan test, which determines six different water values, would result in a time saving of 45 hours per day taking all the employees together!!! Sometimes the complicated can turn simple after all!

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