Reptile Exhibition 2018 at Tierpark Gettorf

While you’ll always find a lot of different animals in animal parks and zoos, there might not always be so many reptiles. Perhaps a snake or a spider, now and then but they won’t be the stars like the monkeys and lions. With its aim to teach zoo visitors how to keep and maintain, but also how to treat reptiles responsibly, the Terrarienkreis Kiel (TKK) has committed to organising an annual exhibition in the animal park (Tierpark) in Gettorf to counteract fears and prejudice. Impressed by this concept, JBL has been supporting the association’s project for years now.

To highlight this cooperation with the Terrarienkreis Kiel, we have added their message to this post. We are always very happy to cooperate with committed people, especially in this increasingly shrinking hobby segment.

Text from the Terrarienkreis Kiel: “Thanks to our sponsor JBL, we, the members of the Terrarienkreis Kiel, were once again able to organise a wonderful reptile exhibition in the animal park of Gettorf over Easter. This year some of our animals benefited from JBL’s lamp screens which were hanging in their “holiday residence“ (for details please see Douilles et installation électrique ). As in the last years JBL’s various light bulbs ( Éclairage ), drinking bowls ( Bacs et récipients ), artificial plants and the required appropriate substrates for the animals (for details please see Substrat de sol ) have proven to be invaluable. During the reptile exhibition the TKK members were able to put right several misconceptions and dispel a number of unfounded fears. The visitor feedback was consistently positive. The attractive surroundings of the animal park, the time the TKK members took to answer questions and - thanks to JBL - the ever growing splendour of the display terrariums, all contributed to the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Without the sponsorship of our longtime partner, our exhibition could never have been conducted with this level of professionalism. So huge thanks goes to JBL! "

You can read the reports of the previous events and admire the animals which were brought along, here:

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Reptile Exhibition 2017 at Tierpark Gettorf – Part 2

Reptile Exhibition 2017 at Tierpark Gettorf – Part 3

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