The JBL Sharks are now on National Geographic

During the JBL shark workshop in the Bahamas, Bresser Action cameras were used to shoot footage that National Geographic found so exciting, they’ve made a short film.

The film clip clearly shows the Caribbean reef sharks interacting with the divers and snorkelers. Even when there was food around, the sharks didn’t start binge eating, they simply demonstrated some food rivalry, as is always the case with predators (wolves, etc.)

The divers were curiously examined, but none of the 20 sharks present considered the JBL group as food. Camera shots were taken in the midst of the sharks, which often bumped into the JBL cameraman. At times only sharks and no water were to be seen in frame. The most interest was directed at the underwater flash unit, whose electromagnetic impulses during recharging after the flashing even attracted some cautious test bites into the flash unit and the adjacent arm of the photographer. The teeth of the sharks left only slight scratches in the aluminium flash housing and no marks in the photographer’s neoprene suit or arm! Shark encounters at their most impressive!

All information about these shark interactions can be found here: Workshop JBL Requins Bahamas 2018

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Heiko Blessin
Heiko Blessin

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