JBL Expedition Japan - Deadline for registration ends on November 15th, 2018

On October 17th, 2019 two teams of 16 people each will take off to a 14-day trip to Japan. After a city tour in Tokyo, they’ll head on to Nikko, where they will visit some cultural sights and then the best koi breeders in Niigata Prefecture. Water tests and specialist discussions with the koi breeders will be on the agenda. Thanks to our friendly relations with the koi breeders, everyone will be able to ask for answers to all imaginable questions. After that they’ll fly 2,500 km south to the distant Ryukyu island of Ishigaki, where they will dive or snorkel to explore the dreamlike fringing reefs and carry out marine water research. On the neighbouring island of Iriomote they will visit mangrove, brackish water and freshwater biotopes in the untouched jungle. The tour price is € 4800 approx. If you’re interested, you’ll need to hurry: the registration period ends on November 15th, 2018. Registrations can be made on the JBL homepage: www.jbl.de/en/expedition-2019/detail/22/expedition-japan-2019 Экспедиция в Японию

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